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Hi, I have seen a good horror but I can't recall its title. There was this scene -> young woman is at home doing ordinary things, putting her kettle on waiting for her tea and when the kettle screams she removes it and suddenly she can see another woman for awhile. That woman is chasing her throughout the movie.

Thanks for every movie you recall in advance


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Been a bit since I've seen it but it sounds like Inside, a French horror flick from '07.  See if this rings any bells...

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No, it isn't the movie but It looks very good, I will watch it later x)

Any other ideas?

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is it "Stalker"(2010)?

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Maybe What Lies Beneath (2000)?

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Any estimation for a time frame that the movie was made?

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No, but interesting movies, I will watch... x)

To Theli: I can't remember

I am curious who will guess right