Topic: Dying Light

I found this one recently. It's a new zombie game for PC, PS3/Xbox and next gen.

From what I've read it's set in open world in fictional city of Haran (Mid-east Europe? Asia?). I don't know the details but there is an epidemic and quarantine involved. I'll be following the game for more datails and some gameplay.

What's really got my attention is a free running. I'm a huge fan of Mirrors Edge and adding jumping, sliding, climbing all that stuff to a zombie game looks promising. If what developer says is true, it should be possible to climb every accesible edge and use it to surprise enemies or escape quickly.

There are some screens on the web and a trailer with Woodkid's music:

Re: Dying Light

Kinda looks like a mishmash of Res Evil 4, Left For Dead, maybe Dead Space and Mass Effect 3.

Not feeling it.