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Sweet stuff!!!


UNDER THE BED … r-the-bed/

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Re: fmvgamer-

Here's is the guy's/group's front page on YouTube.  They have a bunch of other horror videos they made, including a spoof called The Nilbog Witch Project.  (!)

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Here are a few that I'm looking forward to seeing at a theater-

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For- … 201/309693

Kick-Ass 2-

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Other 2 ones I REALLY FREAKING look forward to are:



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Oh yeah baby, gorgeous hottie Amanda Seyfried is doing Deep Throat and I can't wait. Will be droolable for sure.
LOVELACE … r_embedded

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Trailer is damn creepy.

FROZEN GROUND … en-ground/

Man, Vanessa Hudgens as a stripper. WOOOOOOOoooooooooo yeah!!!
And I love Nic Cage a lot.
Been so long I wait for this one, it's nuts. Can't believe it.

Oh there's also TURBO that'll be great.

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Underdog wrote:

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For-

Damn, pushed back until August 2014..

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Ahhh well what can we do anyways. Still gonna wait like mad for it. I'm a HARDCORE as H3LL fan of the Sin City world. smile

Now this looks rad as mad. John Hurt, Ed Harris, Tilda, Jaimie Bell in a Sc-Fi/Horror thing. Loving the idea of the perpetual motion train engine. big_smile

SNOWPIERCER … owpiercer/

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Looks very nice. Action set on train reminds me of Liberator series but of course not so corny wink. Put it on my list.

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Snowpiercer reminds me of a sci-fi book.  If you want to know which one PM me, I'm not starting a political debate here.

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I don't get why a Sci-Fi book could get a political debate going...

CURSE OF CHUCKY Trailer came in and it looks badass.
Glad Brad Dourif is in, I like the guy.
And Chucky looks freaking mad. Cool, VERY cool. … of-chucky/

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New show started a Kickstarter.
Teens get special abilities kinda like in Heroes and it looks like it's gonna be very nice.
Nice cast too.

MORE THAN HUMAN … season-1-0

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Thanks to Goon on the main site for the linkage.

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Are you ready for this! Kane Hodder (Jason, Friday the 13th), Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger, Nightmare on Elm Street), Danielle Harris and Angelina Armani all in the same movie, It can only mean one thing, Fear is back in one hell of a way!

Damn yes I TRUELY AM!!! Wow. Nice little beast it seems that one. … -campagin/

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Damn, seems like ages I'm waiting for this one and they say it'll finally get out in 2014. About time...

But yeah, Boobs, Blood and laughs is what this is gonna be. Cool. Love Bloody hotties. big_smile

Now WHAT THE H3LL is that Atlantic Rim thing??? Man, really, you gotta be kidding me... roll

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New one from Jessica Cameron.


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I really like that pic two posts ago Punk.  Plus I really like Danielle Harris...a lot.

I know its been written in this Thread already, but I'm REALLY looking forward to The Conjuring.  More than any movie in quite a while.  I am also letting me get my hopes up that it may not only be good, but that it could actually be scary...which usually ends in disappointment with movies. 

I have mixed feeling on the Warrens involvement in this (not sure if they had actual involvement in the movie itself) I have been a believer in the paranormal in the past, but even at the peak of that I thought the Warrens were (and are) frauds, and that they have hurt the professionalism (and reputation) of that type of research.

So, anyway...just pondering.

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Yeah but it's not Danielle, it's Serenity Risvik. Hehehe
And yeah, The Conjuring looks amazing and I truely enjoy all the TV spots they are showing endlessly. Can't wait to see it, hopefully I'll be able to see it on big screen.

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kXnPunk wrote:

Yeah but it's not Danielle, it's Serenity Risvik.

No, the pic above that one...that's Daniel right?  Sorry...two different girl compliments in my post.

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Hahaha Yes that's Danielle in that one above Serenity. And girls need more compliments. GIRLS RULE ALL!!! big_smile

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Woah heard about this just now but oh damn yes man. Looks totally killer. And it's got the coolest name ever.


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Grindhouse??? Horror??? Comedy???
Damn yes, I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to this one.
Trailer is pretty cool too.
SHE KILLS … she-kills/

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Looks sweet.

Extremely cool poster.

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Now THIS I really look forward to see like freaking mad.

INSIDIOUS 2 … ous-2.html

Glad Wilson and the lovely Rose Byrne are back.

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This looks wild. … ers-proxy/