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Incredible little student effort I saw last night, really tugs at the primal instincts of what pure horror is all about. Made on a shoestring budget of less than a packet of fags but some of the creepiest shit you could ever hope to witness. This is clearly a labour of love from film students who've watched far too many Argento films yet it's not derivative or secondary.

The ending is extremely Fulciesque and brings to mind the milky-eyed terror of his magnum opus 'The Beyond' but trust me guys, for a student film this is as nightmarish as all hell.

It's a short yet bloody frightening short little short film that'll make you wet your shorts:

Dim the lights, click full screen and be prepared to change your short shorts...

Enjoy from behind your blankees!!!

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Right, I'm gonna bump this like it's hawt so get it watched!!!

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I actually just watched it. it is a pretty cool and creepy little video.

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Thanks for bumping it up.

Man, what a freaking cool blast this short is. Extremely nice.

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Great video.  Some genuinely creepy moments.  Love the twist at the end!