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It is hard to impress me lol

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Haha yah kXnPunk, I have noticed that Scav can be hard on some actual professional films so it is nice to hear good things. I'll be honest I was nervous when I saw you commented Scavener haha, not that I think you're mean guy! But honestly I do get nervous seeing any new comment.

I posted it on the first post, but no fear I will just paste the link here too (then first post is a bit if a mess ha):

Hope it works for you this time!

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Ooooh right, Damn, means I need more coffee. lol

But I'm off to watch it now. Thanks.

And yes Scavenger, you're REALLY hard to impress. Hahaha

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Well I'm honored. I was the first to watch it on You Tube. YAY!!! lol
Also commented in there but I'll do it here too. Well of course hey.

THE GORGEOUS PHOTOGRAPHY MAN!!! Woah, insanely beautiful images were thrown at me all the movie long. There's really no shot I didn't like.
And the acting is just fantastic, they have a long way to go because they're very talented. The main girl especially which is very cute BTW.

But the best of it all aside the kick ass storyline is definitely the soundtrack. Wooow!!! Speaking of this, what's the song playing at the end, found it very cool. So yes, I'm totally impressed. Awesome job my friend, it was truely a freaking BLAST!!! big_smile

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Nice job Vamp. It was an enjoyable watch. I especially liked your special effects with the face. Cool. I would have liked better audio. The voices didn't sound very present (I know it wasn't a pro production). But sound always either sucks me into the film or distract me from it. I've always found sound to be as important as image.

The story was good but I agree with the others that more time to develop the characters would have been good. As a dog owner and lover I felt bad for the innocent pooch!

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@kXnPunk thanks, a lot man, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! It's always great to hear!
The soundtrack is actually really cool, I bought a horror music package from a website (as listed in the credits) that just came with about 200 horror sounds and tracks and I was able to assemble the music anyway that I wanted, layering 3, 4 sometimes even 10 tracks together to make the music flow. I loved the idea because it basically ensured that it would not sound exactly like someone elses music. Also the music itself was of high quality and didn't sound cheap (especially for the price and compared to other music I have heard).
If you mean the song that played over the end credits it's called "The Blackening Begins" by Noctura. Unless you mean the music in the scene in the bathroom?

@getken thanks, I appreciate your kind words. I know - the sound haha! I mentioned it in my first post (that is was not the best), the mic I had picked up far too much background noise and I didn't have enough money to buy a new mic in time so I used the on camera mic. It's not deep sound like a professional film I know. The next film I have a new mic for (night and day the difference) but there will be less talking too haha, but I knew I needed one even before I started filming - it's just too bad the one I had was too noisey making me use the on-cam one. I can only spend so much on a movie though lol especially one that I'm not making money back on.
And haha yah, I debated about using my dog in it! He was itching to start acting. He was very natural.

Of course all of this just makes me realize how much I learned from this movie and knowing what I want to improve on for the next one is making me excited to get started!

Thanks both of you watching and commenting, it means a lot to hear these things from a community that I care about.

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Yes the end credits one, now that I know what it is, I'll check it out. I love it. Your dog has talent. I wish him a long career. Hahaha

But for the sound, I've always loved garage old recording tape player kinda stuff so it's far better than that sp...

And you're welcome I may not be hard to please but when I enjoy, I truely do. big_smile

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^ well it's always he most exciting to hear someone who loved it (I think that's a given) it makes it all worth it.
The song I had been dying to use for end credits since I heard it. Noctura sounds a lot like Evanscence so I was immediately attached to them when they only had about 5 songs out, they have a full CD now you should check it out. But yes - that song haha - I asked them if I could use it for the end credits in my short (since I either needed royalty free music or allowance from the creators to use it) and since it was one of their demos there were no issues. I knew I wanted that song in the end before I even filmed!
For the sound (dialogue) I would have liked a more fuller sound, but if you actually like that that's really awesome too, so thanks man.

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Well that's very cool and yes they sound a bit like Evanescence. Ahhh Amy Lee lovely. But really cool that you didn't have any trouble of royaltiy stuff.
And yes a fuller sound, you still did it even without good mike so I agmire you, you didn't let material problems stop and take you down. Way to go man.

But keep on doing stuff, you're next will be even better, you'll have more experience and it will show.

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Really appreciate the support man, hopefully the next one IS better, I guess we'll only know when it's done and people see it.
Speaking on the technical side, the experience here has definitely helped, story wise I'm going in a very different direction so we'll see how that works.
I'll see if it even comes to be.

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Hopefully all will go well for Snapping Noises.
That's a name that sticks in your mind too. Which Rocks. smile