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Yup, been almost a decade I'm a member there and it's the art site I enjoy the most of them ALL. Incredibly awesome stuff and very talented people. Well yes, sadly some are very far from that but who cares about them anyways...

My page.

I like my DeviantID. Evil. Like me. lol

Italia with miss VirginPunk. Oh yeah baby!!!

Cool dude from Montreal SC4V3NG3R yes another Scav he is.

Here's one of my good long time friend from there. MAiS2.

MoonRaven will certainly love this one. smile

From Italy too. She's way too cool and extremely funny, I'm in LOVE with her... Even asked her to marry me to which she said yes, you're nuts. No idea what she meant by that but hey, she still said yes. Hahahaha

My Gothic Queen, Lady Morgana. Her Crown is made out of real bones, way too cool. big_smile

So there, gonna keep being there as long as the site holds up. smile

Anybody ever heard of this place???
If not glad I made you discover it. Enjoy.

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This is truely fucking BADASS!!!

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Deaddreamer is a dude I've been following for more than a decade and his stuff is ALWAYS badass looking...

And his personal site is here:

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Not a member, but I cruise by once in a while to check it out.  Cool place.

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I signed up and then just never used it. But it looks like a cool place alright.

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Yeah cool place indeed. But never as much as here.
Although Porn is allowed there so I kinda have a soft spot for it. lol

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I use it, I just forget to update mine as much as i should.

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I have one.
Haven't uploaded anything in years.
Cause I haven't drawn any pics in years.

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TypH, you still update it much more than I do to mine. But that will change, it wasn't working anymore on my Mac but I guess all will be good on the Pentium. Haven't checked it out yet...

And MoonRaven, you should get back to it, you do very good stuff from what I've seen.

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Wow man I'm TOTALLY FREAKING OUT on this girl's stuff insanely awesome stuff.

All like this Purple Rain here...

Check her out:

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I've got a Deviantart, but I've only got 7 or 8 drawings on there. I'm clueless with photoshop, so I only draw with traditional mediums.

While I'm not exactly a modern day DaVinci, I like to think I'm pretty good.

The only problem is that NOBODY comments on my stuff, which is very discouraging. One of my pictures has about 5 likes, but no comments. I work hard on my stuff, and when nobody comments on any of it, I'm not exactly inspired to create more.

Also, whenever I see that some cutesy 'chibi' drawing of an anime character that someone drew in 10 minutes has 6,938,018,922,747,805 comments, I go into rage mode.

No offense to anyone who likes chibi style, but I just can't stand cutesy shit like that.

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Yeah I hate those low key [cause that is what they are, real anime is Ghost In The Shell, Serial Experiments Lain, Black Lagoon, Hellsing, Naruto and the like not these crap kid's stuff] anime drawing too. But the more you upload and the more you comment and watch other people, the more active it will be. Give comments, get comments, that's how it has worked for me for these 7-8 years I'm in there.

Watch me, I'll go check your stuff. smile

I still do most of my sketches on paper, scan and color them in Photoshop, what a time saver, gouache took a damn long time so with the KING of apps, it's much, much faster. smile

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This dude is just freaking from another planet. Can't believe the awesome stuff he does.
Absurdly WILD!!!

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I've found the Evil Death Knight Army that killed the Bot earlier in his AWESOME Gallery containing beautiful pieces like these and extremely more EVIL ones too.

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Holy H3LL that is just MADLY talented. Nuts!!!

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Oh gorgeous!!!

And other very cool like this stuff here:

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Woooooo insanely MAD!!!

Sandy Lynx

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Just visited the site and must say " there is some really good stuff." I appreciate just about all types of art. Wish I had the talent! I can't even draw a good stick-man big_smile

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Lemme tell you everytime I check Deviant I come back feeling EXACTLY like you. lol

These peeps are freaking talented it's insane.

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Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yikes



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You got sumthin against little ole me?

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MWAHAHAhahaha lol