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I wanted to get your opinions on the style of Ghostbusters I'm going for with this whole thing.

First off this will be a mockumentary-style ghost investigation with Ghostbusters thrown into the mix and sporting some new technology and utilizing the equipment a new more defined manner but without ruining it. It will also mix this mocumentary style with traditional good old fashioned film-making to mix it up a little. I don't want to make the problems as many mockumentry movies have which the most controversial, the camera being too shaky. I also want to showcase the tech and environments too.

I would also like the audience to experience these situations through the Ghostbusters eyes as well. We'll get to that soon.

The humor will be in classic Ghostbusters fashion. The comedy will revolve around the interactions between the characters, environment and equipment in these terrifying situations.

Ghostbusters was actually considered more of an adult comedy back in 1984 so I want to make this version of Ghostbusters a more modern day adult comedy without trying to make Ghostbusters something it's not.  It will also take to light religious theories and scientific theories in the world of the paranormal and how both sides have equal arguments.  (I hope that makes sense. If it doesn't it will make sense in the movie lol)

The plot for this short prologue will revolve around a small group of amateur ghost hunters accompanied by a priest investigate a supposed haunted location, they also take the time to bash the Ghostbusters in their investigation. The crew comes into contact with a malevolent entity, traditional exorcism fails and crew members get possessed and they are trapped in the building. Who are they going to call? Not Jesus, that's for sure.

This will not be about the New York Ghostbusters either. They will actually be Canadian!

I'll give you guys a quick rundown on how the proton pack will be used in the films. Picture the original proton packs still being used to this day and age. The proton packs will be more like a high-powered rifle with different settings. For example you have your first three strengths of proton beam. One being the least powerful with the smallest range easy to control. The second setting medium range with medium strength more difficult to control and so-on. This is used to weaken the ghost so a "Capture stream" can entangle the entity and prime the spirit to be dropped into a trap.

More to come.

I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions!

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Re: Ghostbusters fan-film prologue short

Okay you'll need to give me special thanks credit if you use this but, I'll never have a reason to use it so here's an idea I've had for years about Ghost Busters... They need to alter the capture traps because of some incident which occurs when an angel is accidentally captured into the trap along with evil spirits! This leads Egon (or his equivalent in your Canadian version) to outfit the traps with a special 'Angel Detection Alert & Filter Device'.

I always imagined that when they find the way to release the angel from the grid without releasing the demons, evil spirits and other general category of spooks, someone would address the very angry angel and make a crack about "Don't go getting your halo all in a knot, we're doing a job here and you just got in the way!

(Hint: a good way to repay me for that fantastic idea would be to hire me for the special effects. Have a look at my reel and don't worry, I'm affordable - )

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