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Heroes on NBC last night was pretty good. Nice plot set up and character development. time will tell, I am giving it a try:)

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whats it aobut? I didnt see it.

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Various individuals discover they have "powers"....flight, telekenisis, etc, etc..

I think they're showing it again tonight..Look it up, Looks cool..

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Yeah this show is great. I'm hooked and only the premiere episode has played.

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Never seen it.  Sounds interesting though.

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Isn't it on Sci Fi tonight also?

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Yeah solstic, I think it is. I think I'm gonna check it out and see if it's worth watching.

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I am really enjoying this show:) DEADS 2 thumbs up!!!!

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Oh I just found this thread so back up it goes...

That's my ALL times favorite series really. Every character is just freaking perfect. My favorite is definitely Claire Bear, of course I'm a huge fan of her so... But the way she plays in it is seriously badass.

Then the time travel dude Hiro, he's definitely the funniest of 'em all. Damn the dude makes me laugh it's nuts.

Kristen Bell as Elle is fantastic. Well no, she just ELECTRIC. lol
Love this actress desperatly. She's ALWAYS perfect.

Daphne the speedster is extremely cool. And Brea Grant is gorgeous.

The Petrelli family is pretty cool, the mom plays a really fascinating charater. She is crazy.

Tracy is cool too. Must be weird to have another you be that bad. Ali Larter is great in this.

But the most amazing aside Claire Bear is DEFINITELY the insanely EVIL as H3LL Sylar. Man, he's badass, more than that even. He's totally insane. I love the episodes were he looses his powers and also when he's stuck with Peter behind a wall. Then his way of cutting the forehead open to grab the powers is out of this wordly maleficient. Mad.

Seriously, every character are just way too good to be true. They ALL kick ass.

My favorite season of them all is the second. Daphne and Elle are in it so... smile

Yup, I rewatch it extremely often, it's just way too great.

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