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How the hell is everyone doing!!..... you diseased ridden filthy blood thirsty members. I better be good new banning policy in come think of it i never have been banned. Mehs a good dude and so are all you crazies.
So, WHATS UP!...i know you guys missed me. I better get back to being a regular member and contribute to this site...been away to long and I have watched so many movies to share I don't know where to start. Ok lets start with Evil Dead 2013. Typical North Amarican remake...should of left it alone. I hate big budget horror movies...never any substance or originality.
ok you guys can start slammin me

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Hahaha Hey welcome back.

Just one thing though. EVIL DEAD 2013 RULES as much as the 1981 one.

Well for me it does. lol

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Good to hear from ya, HELRZR.

Ain't no slamming here, but personally I don't mind a attempt to try to :freshen-up, or put a different spin on a movie. If it sucks? Well ,most of the members here will let you know why they liked, or disliked it. Which gives me a good inkling on rather to watch it, or pass? 

As for the new,Evil Dead movie. I liked it more than I thought I would. In no way is it better than the original! But not a bad effort.

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Welcome home!

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welcome back helrzr long time no speak smile