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As Halloween it not too far away, (Halloween thinks should be the shops in few weeks time smile ) I just wonder what best movie I watched in  30 day of Halloween Challenge. it was this movie,

I can not believe this movie dose not have it's own thread on here,  I am shocked

I can't believe I didn't do a thread on it on Day of Halloween last year

I saw this Halloween last year, it could not have be the perfect timing, I had not seen in a really ,really, really long time.

I am copying my post I made last year lol

10-31-2012 BASSI POST!

OH MY GOD, Why Has it taken ME so long to see this movie again, DAME this movie Was Absolutely Amazing. (I have NOT seen for 20 years or something)

This movie dose not take long to start at all, It got me of guard and scared the hell out of me in first attack scenes.

This movie was frightening good, I was on the edge of my seat for the whole movie, some of attack scenes were really hard to watch, I was actually trying not look at scene when it happened.

Some scenes are really intense in this movie , I had shivers go down my back

The acting this movie was outstanding from the whole cast. I loved everything about this movie
I need to get this DVD as soon as possible (This movie as also entered into my top 5)
10 out 10 (I Just Jumped cause a Door as just slam shut!)

And I did get DVD for Xmas (Which was awesome)  I have seen this movie a few times now!
I saw on Xmas day then again on B'day.  then some again number of week later.

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I agree, it's an amazing horror movie. One of the all time greats.

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I saw it only once, when I was 16 or 17.  So, about 25 years ago.  I keep meaning to give it another watch, I've just never gotten around to it.

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The could be a good one for August's movie night.

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As it was based on a true story , it was terrifying at the time.

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I remember the basic story.  And I remember some very well done fake-naked-body effects.  And I remember the ending, and that I thought Barbara Hershey was good in it.  I think she had a kid or two?  And at one point she goes to a doctor of some type.

Sad.  Ten years ago I probably remembered everything about the movie, but now I don't even remember if I remembered. lol

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I am actually going re-watch this again tonight,  Light off, speaker up and alone in Dark

Sounds like a perfect night

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As stated, the film is based on a true story that happened back in 1974.  I have a copy on DVD, but haven't seen it in years.  Will watch it closer to Halloween time.  The film was released around the same time as Poltergeist, but didn't come close to making a major box-office impact.

The paranormal activity which included the entity raping the victim was consistent with the alleged true event. Folklore describes demons called Incubus (rapes women while dreaming) and succubus (rapes men while dreaming), but this entity did it while the victim was awake. I'm surprised that more horror films haven't dealt much on these subjects.

From my recollection, the film was pretty good with decent visual effects for its time.  Perhaps an underrated film in the genre.

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Nice to see "The Entity" get some respect. It truly deserves it. There are certain rare horror movies that you know you can't watch alone and "The Entity" is that movie for me. My scariest movie of all time. What John Carpenter's music did for Halloween, Charles Bernstein's music did for "The Entity". Masterfully scary soundtrack!!

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