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Figured it'd be fun to do a non-Horror version of a similar topic I created pertaining to Horror films in the Horror forum. Some series that go on and on definitely produce some bad or at least lower-quality sequels as they go along. Of these series with at least three or more movies, which is your least favorite one in each? You can add more if you'd like as long as it's three movies or more in the series. Any remakes, prequels or crossovers count in a series with any.


Star Wars

Indiana Jones



Star Trek

James Bond

Jurassic Park





Iron Man





The Godfather

Lethal Weapon

Back To The Future

Planet Of The Apes


IMO the weakest in each:

Star Wars - The Phantom Menace, from my memory. Saw the prequels once when they came to theaters and haven't had the chance to rewatch them since, but I recall I probably liked this on least.

Indiana Jones - Probably The Last Crusade, though I still really like it, I just enjoy the other ones more. This one and Crystal Skull are interchangable for me, though.

Terminator - T3: Rise Of The Machines. Completely unnecessary after the closure of T2.

RoboCop - RoboCop 3. PG-13, enough said.

Star Trek - Only seen Generations and First Contact, liked both.

James Bond - Been too long since I last saw any to make a fair judgment for now.

Jurassic Park - Jurassic Park III. Entertaining but forgettable and lacking the substance of the first two that kept them from being just dinosaur attack movies.

Batman - Batman & Robin. Do I even need to explain?

Superman - Only seen Man Of Steel and loved it.

X-Men - The Last Stand. Didn't hate it as much as some but plot-wise it's undeniably a mess.

Spider-Man - Probably Spider-Man 3, though I don't hate it like so many.

Iron Man - Liked all of them, but I can't decide between either 2 or 3, both were good and had their pros and cons for me.

Hulk - Only seen The Avengers, which I loved. Haven't seen the 2003 movie or The Incredible Hulk.

Transformers - The original. The sequels may be stupid but they at least have some mildly entertaining robot action scenes to keep them watchable. The first one for me was a sleeping fest.

Rambo - Love the entire series, but would probably go with Rambo III, though it's still kick ass.

Rocky - Believe it or not, never seen any. Been wanting to, though.

The Godfather - Been too long since I watched them, abstain for now.

Lethal Weapon - Probably Lethal Weapon 3, though it's still pretty decent.

Back To The Future - Part III, but I still like it.

Planet Of The Apes - Only seen Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, which I loved.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

Least favorite???
Ok, here I go.

Rocky 2 Doesn't come up to my favorite ones, one and four.

Spidey 3 Don't ask me why, I don't know but it still is my least favorite. Favorite is the fourth, ah yes, of course, Emma Stone hey. big_smile

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Estella Warren isn't in it, it's not Burton  and the story was not as good I though. Still a great flick though.

Fast & Furious 2 The story was never as good as the rest of them and something is missing, Vin Diesel probably but not really as he's not in the third, Tokyo Drift but it's my favorite of them all.

Star Wars well it's hard but I'll go with Attack Of The Clones. The best to me is definitely Revenge Of The Sith The darkest one of them all.

Transformers 2 Wasn't as hooked up as with 1 or 3.

Matrix Well, to me it's impossible to choose one. They ALL kick ass and I looove them all equally.

Gotta add that it's not because I like them less that I don't love them. Just yeah, less. big_smile

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Resident Evil and Underworld are kinda Horror movies, and Hellboy doesn't count as it's only two movies so far.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

Ah well sorry 'bout that...
Took 'em out.

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Star Wars -- The Phantom Menace.  Like most, my biggest complaint was the MONUMENTAL annoyance Jar Jar Binks.  And they really should have let Ray Parks cut loose as Darth Maul, who only has one half-decent fight scene.

Indiana Jones - Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Just plain sucked.

Terminator - Haven't seen the one with Christian Bale, but for me the weakest is the third.  Nothing we didn't already see in the first two.

RoboCop - LOVE the first one; liked the second one quite a bit; hated the third one.

Star Trek - I think it's part 5, the one where the crew is on some kind of prison planet or some such.  Very weak entry.

James Bond -- I've seen all of them to date but don't remember every last one in detail...but my least favorite was probably Moonraker.  I just wasn't a fan of Roger Moore as Bond.

Jurassic Park -- didn't like any of them.

Batman -- Batman & Robin, the one with Clooney.  God...freakin'...AWFUL.

Superman -- Superman 4.  Superman 3 may have sucked but at least it had a decent Clark vs Supes fight.  But Superman 4...poor Chris Reeve deserved better than that.

X-Men -- part 3, The Last Stand.  Yuck.

Spider-Man -- definitely Spider-Man 3.  Too many villains vying for the spotlight, not enough story to support them, and Emo-Peter, while funny the first time, really launches the flick off the rails it was barely hanging on to in the first place.

Iron Man -- Iron Man 3.  I expected SO much more with Shane Black involved.  Half-assed story, and ignores the more "realistic" approach of the first film even more than the second one does.  Nothing about this flick worked for me, though the twist involving Ben Kingsley was good for a laugh.

Hulk -- Ed Norton Hulk from '08.  At least the first Hulk from '03 tried to have deep and detailed characters; this one didn't even bother.  The last half hour is like a video game.  Got tired of this one VERY early on.

Transformers -- haven't liked any of them.  All sizzle, no steak.  Sue me, I have a fuckin' attention span.

Rambo -- Part 2.  Easily.

Rocky -- Part 5.  Blech.

The Godfather -- Part 3.

Lethal Weapon -- Part 2.

Back To The Future -- Part 2.

Planet Of The Apes -- Haven't seen all of them, but I've actually rather enjoyed all the ones I've seen so far...the original, Beneath and Rise.

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kXnPunk wrote:

Ah well sorry 'bout that...
Took 'em out.

It's no foul smile They're good choices for the Horror version of the thread for sure.


Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

Star Wars ~ Episode 2

Indiana Jones ~ Crystal Skull

Terminator ~ Salvation

RoboCop ~ 3

Star Trek ~ 5

James Bond ~ Quantum Of Solace

Jurassic Park ~ 3

Batman ~ Batman & Robin

Superman ~ 4

X-Men ~ Wolverine Origins

Spider-Man ~ 3

Iron Man ~ 2

Hulk ~ Hulk (2003)

Transformers ~ (can I say all of them?) if not 2

Rambo ~ 3

Rocky ~ 5

The Godfather ~ 3

Lethal Weapon ~ I cannot hate any of these

Back To The Future ~ Part3

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I hear you about Transformers. That's a series that got so badly botched with the live-action translation.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

Robo-Cop III : I dont know who this guy was but he wasn't my Robocop.
Rocky V : Should of came to a end with Rocky IV because there was no way they were going to be able to top Drago unless they had Rocky fight Mike Tyson.
Friday the 13th : Hard to believe an old lady was able to kill all those young able teenagers.
Halloween Resurrection : Busta Rymes enough said. Great artis dough big fan of his music.
Die Hard II : This guy must have the worst luck ever everywhere he goes someone is trying to blow things up.
Death Wish IV : They should of kept the story about revenge against st punks.
Hellraiser III : Like the idea but they should of kept the girl from the first two movies.
Batman & Robin : What were they thinking ? Proof that putting a bunch of stars in a movie doesn't equal a good movie.
X-Men III : Horrible story and the fight scenes were terrible.
Blade Trinity : The story would if been better without Jesica Beel and they should of castes a better Dracula.
Rambo III : This movie seamed rushed.
Terminator III : Shame on whoever made this movie. I dont care what anyone says Salvation was epic. Enough of the time traveling robots. we needed to get to the war. I want to see the ending to this story. I want to see why skynet felt it had to kill Joh Cannor.
Underworld IV : Totally destroyed the series and I was so looking foward to the
storycontinuation after underworld Evolution.
A Nightmare on elm st VII : Not VII but the one were there suppose to be in the real world.

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Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

What about the other series listed?

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

episode 2
kingdom of the crystal skulls was terrible
terminator 3
star trek 5
jurassic park 2
the dark knight rises (i'm only choosing from the Nolan trilogy)
superman 4
x-men: the last stand (though I still enjoyed it)
spider man 3
iron man 2
transformers 3 is one of the worst movies of the new century so far
Rambo 3 though again I like all of them
rocky everything except the first one and the last one

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Star Wars - I'm going with Revenge of the Sith on this one. Anakin's turn to the dark side wasn't nearly as dark or as grim as it should have been. I don't want it to be true that Darth Vader emerged from a whiny goddamned brat. The force was weak with this one.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

^^^ Agreed on the whiny brat thing.  And I got a huge laugh out of the bit at the end where he finally dons the Vader mask...

^^^ My sentiments exactly. lol

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I haven't seen the SW prequels since the theater. I remember liking them all at the time but a rewatch is definitely in order.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

Jason X I felt my I.Q go down as I watched it. Never felt so guilty after watching a movie.

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Some other series I remembered:

Darkman - Darkman II
The Punisher - War Zone
The Matrix - Only saw the original
Harry Potter - Yet to see any
Pirates Of The Caribbean - Yet to see any
The Mummy - Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

The Mummy could debatably be part-Horror, though.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

I liked the 2nd matrix more than any of the others but the 3rd matrix was the weakest as, just like POTC it just ran out of gas. the only potter I really liked was part 2 of the deathly hallows.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

Most people seem to not like either Matrix sequel much at all. I remember thinking the first one was okay, but hard to understand.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

I liked the second Matrix flick -- still love the Neo vs 100 Agent Smiths fight -- but I got nothin' for the third flick.  Too much CGI-heavy, repetitious battle scenes for my taste and the Jesus Christ ending was completely ludicrous. 

I did like the slow-motion CGI punch to the face in the final Neo/Smith fight, though.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

Punisher War Zone was my favourite Punisher movie. It was so freaking over the top, it was fantastic.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

I thought Punisher: War Zone was entertaining but too over the top and cartoonish for my liking. I preferred the grittier style of the 2004 movie.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

I liked it War Zone.  Basically a big budget B-movie, almost like a throwback to the old Golan/Globus and Canon flicks of the 80s.  I do think Thomas Jayne was better in the role than Ray Stevenson, but I think War Zone was overall the better flick.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

I found all three Punisher movies entertaining in their own way. I agree Thomas Jane was the best in the role though, and a big reason why I preferred the 2004 version. It was so awesome seeing him back in the role in the Dirty Laundry short film.

Re: Worst/Weakest/Least Favorite Movie In a Series

I liked both Punisher but prefer much more the first. Something grabbed me more in the story. The totally destructed emotionaly and vengeful Castle can't be removed or forgotten.
Oh and the cool kick ass neighbours and the insanely badass car not to mention Travolta.

Which War Zone lacks IMO.

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Actually the first Punisher movie was the 1989 one with Dolph Lundgren as Castle, the 2004 one is the second Punisher film.