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Hey all!  I have a "what's the name of this film" question.

Saw it in early - mid 80's, and think it was made around that time.

Probably saw it on network tv.  For some reason, I think it may have been a made for tv film, but I could be off on that.

Here is the thing.  I remember two scenes.  However, I'm not 100% they're from the same movie.  So I would be interested in knowing what movie, or movies, these are from.

Scene 1)

Someone is explaining to one or two people, about a scary thing that either happened to them, or even someone else.  I get the feeling the incident happened to a kid, but it doesn't seem it was a kid explaining it.  Maybe it happened to them as a kid?  Anyway, the person talks about someone jumping on a bed.  Then they look over and there is a demon on the bed jumping with them.   

Scene 2)

There is someone (I think a woman or kid) possessed.  A guy (either a husband or dad to the person) gets mad at the demon and tells the demon to leave the possessed person alone, and come after them.  Then someone (I think a woman, maybe a religious or clairvoyant type person) tells the guy to never invite a demon to do that.  That the demon will take the invitation to do it.

Any help is appreciated.  smile

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Ok...I'm going to admit, that no one has responded to my post does make me feel a bit like I did in junior high when I sat at alone at the lunch table.  smile

Anyone?  Even just a token post that you don't know what movie my question is from?  big_smile

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Didn't even see this thread.  Sorry, Ghostie.  Also sorry that the bits you mentioned aren't ringing any bells.  hmm

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Seriously Lon?  Wow.  I was honestly afraid to even post this in the fear it was going to be so obvious and people here would think I was an idiot for not it was Exorcist 2 or something.  big_smile  I've actually wanted to ask about these for months.  It is possible my memory has butchered what the scenes were actually like.  Anyway, thanks for looking.  smile

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Not too sure Ghost,  but Cameron's Closet came to mind.   Kind of remember a bed scene but that is all.  It's worth a watch anyway.

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The only movie that popped into my head was the made for TV kids' horror-comedy Mr. Boogedy from the mid-80s, but I know that's not it so I didn't bother offering it up. lol

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I read this when you first posted it, and the second scene seems familiar but I really haven't the slightest idea what from.