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So my friend Mike and I went hiking last weekend along the Whiteshell River, and did a little trout fishing while we were at it. I came across many variety of toadstools and mushrooms and snapped some shots as I went. Sorry to disappoint, but no psychedelics.

We fished for about an hour and a half, and each caught a fish. Neither were very large, I had caught a rainbow trout, and he a brook. Mine flopped into the water before I could get the shot and his came out far too blurry.
In short order it began to rain (see the the ripples on the water)
So we hiked out.

And remembering a shotcut in and out, myself

and Mike took the Angler's Access out and back to his truck.

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Sounds like a fun day.

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I'm disapointed that it's not about psychedekic ones.

But still very cool and great shots. Thanks for sharing man.

Mushrooms are so damn good. I put them in almost everything I cook. Tasty motherfuckers they are. smile

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Cool pics.  smile