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Hi there,

While I have been reading the posts on I haven't gotten involved in the forums until now.

And admittedly, the reason I am on here now, is for shameless self promotion. So I hope I am not offending anyone for posting this.

A digital horror comic that I am writing and illustrating is now available for $0.99 on a few digital distribution platforms.


It's on Amazon, but they charge $2 more so Jeff Bezos can buy newspaper companies.


The townspeople of Kingford are unaware of the growing vampire problem that is soon to ruin them and their home.

Fortunately for them, there is a newcomer that has plans to stop the monsters. And since being a werewolf, he's got the muscle to do something about it.

Maybe too much muscle.

You can also buy a DRM-free pdf copy direct from me for $0.99. Who Needs the Moon Although that lacks some convenience.

Anyways. I'm looking to reach out to the people that would most likely be interested in reading a story such as this.

I hope you enjoy it if you grab a copy.  More importantly. A big THANK YOU to you if you do!


BTW, if you are interested in tools and process I use, or WIP material of while I work on the issues, you can read more at my blog.
My Blogger Blog

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Man, oh man... Sorry, but gotsta report ya. The mods will decide if your post stays, or goes? Now if ya would have first posted on a few topics and contributed to the site. I would have overlooked it. But just coming in as a newbie, and pimping your stuff here. That don't fly.  Next time try first contacting a mod and politely asking permission. GL on your project, and nothing personal.

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Hi Underdog,

I understand. I thought there could possibly be a problem.


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If I see some real contributions to the board and not just pointless post count boosting I'll let it slide.
Getken set the standard for turning potential spam into valued membership.

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Cap has given you a chance, consider yourself very lucky.

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Yep, Ken and Owlie both have done good things here.  And to think I eviscerated Ken on his first post.  Stoopid monkey.

But yes, take advantage of El Capitano's leeway and the passion of the horror fans here.

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Missed this one, myself.  Huh.

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Very cool looking comic. Though I'm not so into the whole vampire/werewolf fad going on these days, those first few panels look great. Do you plan on making a physical copy at any point?

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It is a very cool looking comic indeed and I like your style. I'm creating a Spiderman TV show and I'm also making prelude/tie in comics and I'm wondering if you would like to make them because I really dig your style. My tv series hasn't been worked on in a while but just an idea.

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Hi Tripod. That you, I'm glad you like it. To be honest, ATM I'm personally having a hard time working on the 2nd issue. My wife has health problems and I have a 4 and 2 year old. I'm collaborating with a writer named Adam Jack on a book, which I haven't spent nearly enough time on either. Broke to boot.

I used to love Spider-Man. Are you going to approach Marvel?

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Oh why didn't I saw this before???

Extremely cool looking. The cover is badass and the pages too.
Keep it up and best of luck to your girl with her issues.

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Thanks kXnPunk! Glad you like what you see.

The whole thing starts slow. But there will be a gradual build up to monster carnage.