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Hello HM.CA

Our announcement here is for "Barn Find". This is a short film I am currently in pre-production for to be included in a horror anthology being created by myself, Cameron McCasland and Josh Ickes also of Nashville, TN.

The anthology is currently untitled. It is being hosted by Larry Underwood a.k.a. 'Dr. Gangrene'.

Our mission with Barn Find is to raise the appropriate funds through our Indie Gogo campaign. You can view our information here:

This short film tells the story of two young men and two young women who take a trip to an old farm. One of the young men plans to purchase the property with inheritance money. However, an old car resting inside a large barn isn't pleased with their presence. Yes ladies and gentlemen...I have caught the bug for road horror...and want to bring it to life.

The film will star newcomer Devan Doss who has shown a huge interest in entering the film industry. This beautiful young lady will play the lead role and show her dark secret in the films ending.

Take a look at our campaign and donate if you can and share the word with your friends.

Thank you everyone.

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Woo hoo, I'm the 1st contributor!  I gots meself "Posterized."  big_smile

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'ppreciate it man!