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So I can't seem to remember the title to a movie that I watched back in 2004, 5, or 6. I remember a vague description of the film. Unfortunately I have poor spelling and grammar, so please bear with me.

From what I can remember the film opened with a young man narrating a suicide/warning note and he is committing suicide by cutting his wrist. the movie then cuts to him approaching a building  where he is looking at an apartment to rent. The rest I remember in bits and pieces. In one part he invites a girl up to his room, they have sex and by morning she gets trapped in a tv he finds in the dump next to the washer and dryer. In another part, while in the same area where he found the tv, he witnesses a man in a suit pull up a sack and take a baby out of it. The well dressed man them takes out a butcher knife. The last thing I also remember is him killing the tenant and burring him in the back only to have him return to life the following day. I think he ends up unable to escape from the building and by the end of the film he finishes narrating his note and commits suicide. Anyone have any idea as to what film this could be?

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Pretty sure you've just described Roman Polanski's 'The Tenant'.

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Not The Tenant, Fulc.  That was Roman Polanski and it ends with him throwing himself out of his apartment window.  Twice.  The first time didn't quite kill him, see, so he drags himself back up the stairs and throws himself out again.

Which is what makes that film such a howler, though it's not supposed to be. lol

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Heheh, yeah, long long long time since I saw Polanski's unintentionally hilarious 'The Tenant' so soz if my mind was askew.