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Yeah I admit I like girls bands way much more than guys ones so I decided to create a thread to talk about the various Girl fronted or all girls bands. You'll probably make me discover new ones even if I know a lot of them as my iTunes Library is about 3/4 of them. Or more.

I'll start with my favorite of them all which is also the girl I worship and idolize, miss kick ass herself, the amazing JOAN JETT. She's put girls into Rock'N'Roll a whole lot as in this time there weren't very much around. Girls that play Rock have a lot to thank her for. smile

Then of course, the girl of my dreams which was part of the great Distillers. Miss Brody Dalle.

Then of course we have Blondie which also helped a lot to put women into Rock.

Then there's the girls of Civet which started all girl but then got 2 guys in. The vocal has a very cool name, Liza Graves. That is very nice. big_smile

Then on the Metal side there's these girls from Ontario which are to me the best Metal band EVER, the cool girls of Kittie. They kick so much asses it's nuts.

Then from the same place is my sweet Avril Lavigne which I've always loved and saw a few times live. Damn she Rocks it's crazy.

And sooo much more.

Girls to me are a very important part of Rock. Not only because their voices are way more musical than guys but also and especially because they're more cute and sexy as guys. Of course. lol

I find it bad that lots of them still have trouble getting shows just because it's a man's world, piss me off. I have friends in Montreal called The Horny Bitches that still have shows closed to them just because they're girls and it's crazy really.

By the way, they are very cool and kick ass too. Here's an example:

Horny Bitches-Chicks With Dicks

Show me yours... big_smile

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No need to say anything more about the incredibly gorgeous Queen of Goth. Always loved Evanescence. Saw them once and I wish I'd see 'em more. What a show they put on, very cool.

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Oh yes 2 great bands.

Girlschool to me are the female Motorhead. lol

Lee Aaron is wild too. Was one of the first shows I've seen, she was opening for Motley Crue. Unforgetable...

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At the EMP museum in Seattle,Wa. … power.aspx

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How about the Runaways... love Cherie Currie...

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hellrat, that's very cool!!!
There should be more places like this. smile

Yeah getken, Joan Jett to me is like mentioning The Runaways. And yeah Currie rocked. H3LL the WHOLE band did. big_smile

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It is cool,I saw the AC/DC family jewels exhibit when it was there.

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Niiice!!! big_smile

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The legendary Patti Smith:

The badass punk rock girl group, L7:

Tori Amos. She's put out a lot of great songs, but "Crucify" and "God" really pack a punch for me.

Aaaand one more, a personal fav. of mine, Ani Difranco!

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Alanis Morissette

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Natalie Merchant
Paula Cole

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Ahhh yeah, nice ones folks.

Speaking of L7 and the Riot Girrrls, Babes In Toyland

and Bikini Kill.

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I love Babes in Toyland! Seven Year Bitch is a good girl band too. I love Ari Up from the Slits and Mia Zapata from the Gits and Wendy O. Williams from Plasmatics.

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Ahhh Mia, what happened to her is so freaking sad... sad

Gotta mention the incredible Eve Libertine from my favorite band EVER, the marvellous Crass...

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ETHS, a french Metal band fronted by the great Candice.

And also Lacuna Coil with Cristina.

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Where did this thread come from??
I love Cristina Scabbia.
And the lovely Sharon den Adel.
And I can't forget Simone Simons.

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It came from my troubled mind. lol

I like Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy a whole lot.
Damn girl's cute and she growls like H3LL. big_smile

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The women of doom:

Our heavy metal chef from Quebekers Cauchemar, Annick:

Our beautiful siren, Sabine from Rituals of the Oak:

And providing us with the drums of doom for The Lamp of Thoth and Arkham Witch, Lady Pentagram:

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I like rock girls, grunge girls, alt girls, etc.  Some favorites...

Babes in Toyland


Joan Jett

PJ Harvey

Liz Phair

Courtney Love (BEFORE all that crazy plastic surgery)

Kay Hanley

Wendy O Williams

Natalie Merchant


Among many others.

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Good call with PJ!  People forget bout her.  Makes me want to crank one of her albums.

I know Runaways have been covered...but here's one:

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^^^ I remember in back in junior year (1989) every guy had a crush on Lita Ford.  This was around the time she did Close My Eyes Forever with Ozzie.

Some others I didn't mention because they didn't immediately come to me (look up the pics yourselves, you lazy bums)

Bif Naked
Miki Berenyi (Lush)
Debbie Harry (back in the 70s, anyway)
D'arcy Wretzky (Smashing Pumpkins)
Marianne Faithful (back in the 60s)
Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles)
Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries)
Tina Turner (in the 70s)
Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons, back in the 80s)
Margo Timmins (Cowboy Junkies, also back in the 80s)

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Ahhh Bif Naked, LOVE the girl. And PJ well she freaking PJ!!! big_smile

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I tend to prefer male fronted bands, but one of my favorites is Arkona.

They're a female fronted Russian Folk metal band.

I like the Genitorturers as well, and Krypteria is another female fronted band I like.

None of these three are all girl bands though, thy just have female vocalists.

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I can't beleive no one's mentionned Karen O from the Yeah yeah yeahs......I saw them play a couple of times during the Fever to tell tour.  had a boner the whole show...