Re: Last thing you ate

BBQ pork rinds and a glass of beer. smile

Re: Last thing you ate

Veggie tacos and a vodka cooler.


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I love these drinks they call girl drinks. Must be my feminine side. lol


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Had a big plate of baked salmon with corn and a cob & string beans.


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Tasty Bechamel Pasta.

Oh and fried creepy crawlies for dessert. lol
With Aphrodite Black Beer that is just delicious. Good idea to mix these elements together, Beer, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Beautiful sticker too.


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Re: Last thing you ate

4 eggs sanwiches and Brocoli and carrots cooked in Philadelphia cheese. Pure pleasure. Oh and Jack Daniels...


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I had red velvet pancakes and mozzerela sticks from IHOP> I love that they're open all night.


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4 Big Macs. Yeah I was hungry. lol


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A very heavy breakfast this morning.

2 waffles, 4 eggs, 4 sausages, 4 slices of bacon, 2 peanut butter toasts and a bowl of Alpha Bits, best cereal EVER with well I'm up to my 6th Expresso mug now. Starts the day very well.


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2 homemade burgers, love how I mixed lotsa stuff with the meat. And some vegetables fried in Olive Oil. I'm full.

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Steak and cheese pizza from Dominoes and 4 chocolate chip waffles.


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Ham omelet, sans cheese.  Kicked off the "no-cheese" portion of the diet this morning.  I already miss my cheesy omelets.


Re: Last thing you ate

Cheese rules, Whiz. lol

But you gave me a good idea, did myself a cheese omelet with onions and shrooms. With 4 sausages and 2 peanut butter toasts. Up to my 4th Expresso mug. Good way to start the week really. smile


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I blame the ad on top of the page for that. lol


Damn worth it though. Very yummy.

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a stack of leftover belgian waffles drenched in chocolate syrup in a bowl of ice cream. sooo good.


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Pretty much yes. smile

Tim Horton's are bastards. The ad they show of the Panini Roasted they didn't have. So I took an Italian Toscan Chicken with cheese, tomatoes  and salad one, a "potage"/cream of brocoli, a boc of 20 Timbits, half Cherry, the other Orange/Tangerine.

Ate the sandwich while drinking a kick fucking ass Ice Cappucino Mola Supreme with 1$ of ectra Walnut. I was definitely full and it was deliFREAKINGcious.

Tim Horton rules all!!!

Only thing is that the place was PACKED and the Drive In had a humongous line. Took me 36 minutes exactly to be served. Was truely worth it like H3LL... big_smile


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EVIL meatballs Cordon Bleu in which I've put a huge bunch of spices and the cross is actually Parmesan cheese. WAS DELICIOUS!!! smile



Re: Last thing you ate

Pulled pork sandwich from Subway with provolone and onions.

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Chicken noodle soup & Melba toast


Re: Last thing you ate

Omelet but without eggs, I've put cheese and cream instead. Bacon, sausages, spices, the works. smile


Finished with that which is one of the most delicious things in the whole Universe.
Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!



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I was freaking hungry this morning. BIG INSANELY HUGE breakfast I ate.

6 sausages, 4 slices of bacon, 4 eggs, 2 peanut butter toasts, a bowl of Alpha Bits and opf course a damn bunch of Expresso mugs. Can you believe I'm pretty damn full??? lol

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Re: Last thing you ate

Spicy, Crispy crab rolls.


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Doughboys with powdered sugar and some coffee.


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Had me some samosas and naan bread. 15 minutes in the oven.
Not bad at all.