Topic: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 2

This week's match-up:

The sultan of sleep-Time slaughter vs a telekinetic teen titan in a supernatural no-holds-barred fight to the death.  Cast your votes!


1. Vote objectively for who you think is deadlier.  This is not a popularity contest.

2. Please be sure to comment below to explain why you came to your decision.  Those who do so, your votes will count as FIVE POINTS

Those who do not, or those whose explanations are in regards to the character's popularity rather than an objective comparing of the characters' abilities (see rule #1), your vote will only count as ONE POINT.

3. Voting will be open for seven days, at which time I'll post the results.

Have fun, and vote responsibly. smile

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 2

This was honestly a toughie. I took some time going through with who to pick, but after everything...I choose Tina Shepard.

I believe that she wouldn't fear Freddy, and that powered with her telekinesis could defeat him and he couldn't do anything about it.

She's my choice!

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 2

Hmmm....  does anyone know if psychic powers work in dreams?  In the real world, Tina would be able to beat up Freddy, but he's hard to terminally kill (heh, that sounds off) and she can't stay awake for ever.  If she can use her power in dreams, then the 2 would be evenly matched, but Fredster would still have an edge.  If she had no dream-power, she's puppy kibbles & bits.

2 out of 3 scenarios give a good fight, and the fellow with the non-jaunty hat wins.

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 2

I've had a tough time coming to a decision of who would win this match??? But...

I'm thinking Tina and her telekinisis power would give her a eventual victory. She would invoke fire, which is one of Freddys weaknesses, and roast him. yea, Freddy could wait it out for her to fall asleep. But in a match up, I see him as not being that patient.

Winner: Tina.

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Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 2

I hadn't heard of Tina Shepard so i figured I would look into and I could go out of my way to watch whatever film she is from. Well the 7th Friday the 13th is not something I am willing to watch. I hardly liked the originals, the 7th sequel just ain't happening. So I'll give a semi-justified vote for Freddy. He seems pretty damn unkillable, you take him out, he comes back, and everyone has to sleep eventually.

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 2

I'm going with Freddy. Tina's a teenager and Freddy's victims compromise of that demographic so I think Freddy could oust her, and I think he'd get the upperhand in the dream world. Bedhead Fred gets my vote.

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 2

lets say tina and freddy got it on in the real world,idk cause freddy was feeling brave she jus a young lady n all..So by underestimating her she ends up fuckin him up pretty bad and kills him. after a long hard fight shes tired,falls asleep BAM its O.V!!!!!!! ya she wouldnt last in his world even with her powers cause he could jus pretend hes her father or something n once hes close enough put the clawed glove right thru her pretty little neck. 1,2, Freddys coming for you!

My votes on the king of nightmares Freddy

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 2

Voting is over.  The results:

Total Votes - 4 (one not submitted but posted -- AZZIE!)
Justified Votes -- 4 x 5 pts each = 20 pts
Total pts: 20

Tina Shepard:
Total Votes -- 2
Justified Votes -- 2 x 5 pts each = 10 pts
Total pts: 10

Winner: FREDDY

Thanks to all of you who participated.  Round 3 will be up directly. smile

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 2

My take:

As we saw in Elm Street 3, it's possible for a person's dream self to grow powers to better help them fight Freddy.  Given that Tina is a powerful telekinetic, I can only imagine her dream self would be even more powerful.  So be it in the real world or dream land, I think Tina could take Freddy down.  She certainly whooped the snot out of Jason in Friday 7 (bad movie or no not withstanding lol ).  I call Tina by TKO (telekinetic knock-out...damn, I am so clever).

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 2

How could I miss this one. Damn. Anyways my favorite won so it's all good... big_smile

FREDDY RULES, best character EVER!!!
After Samara that is. Of course...

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