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I was just on youtube today searching for isolated bass tracks, but didn't find them for any songs I was looking for.  Still, they have a crap load of 'em.  For example, I never realized how wrong I was playing Lounge Act by Nirvana until I listened to the isolated bass track.  There are a number of little flowery bits in it that you don't hear clearly in the full version of the song, so it almost felt like I was learning it all over again.

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^^It's a really good exercise.


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Yeah, and I've only started playing bass again a few months ago after not having played since '98 or so.  Really enjoying it, but when I set the bass aside to play some guitar it feels like picking up a ukulele. lol

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that's how I feel when I pick up an Actual Ukelele...lol...I keep one around for my Son...it was his first  Christmas gift from me just before he turned one.  After outgrowing (see beating to hell) his first one, got him a better one, with a case and now he knows to take care of it.  Can't wait until I get him a guitar..


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Bf is a self taught guitar player.
And he has an excellent ear for figuring out tunes.
Proud of my boy big_smile

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Awesome..I'm self taught and learn by ear but I still take the odd lesson from classically trained friends...It's a balance...I want to improve my skills but I don't want to fall into the trap of classical and jazz  playing...I try to stay beligerent..


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Been way too long I haven't actually read any music. That was way back in Conservatory, my last year of elementary and first of high school so I have no idea at all. But I have an excellent ear. In fact when I got admitted in Conservatory, she was pressing notes on the piano and I had to guess what they were. She pressed a Si mineur [no idea the idiotic letter in english you guys are insane and don't care to search for it] which is one of the weirdest sounding notes and I got it right. She freaked. big_smile

So yeah all by ear. But I rarely do covers. I hate that. I prefer MUCH more coming up with MY OWN stuff. I hate copying, always hated that in everything I do.

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It's guys like you that is needed for original music.  I play with a friend off mine who doesn't read musiic but only creates his own stuff....I come in and provide a bit of structure and some lead stuff...but without his coontributions, I wouldn't have something to lead over...and that's the hardest part to come up with...So I appreciate what you do.  Also, I feel you for hating everything we come up with...I hate all my riffs/songs.....but it's because we know our influences and our ideas...I learned a long time ago to listen what others have to say about our own creations..


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That's something that never bothered me at all. What others think. I don't give a rat's ass about what they think. Well that's not true really. I like positive comments but negative ones I don't care at all. Probably why I could play that kind of insanely mad Punk Rock for so damn long.

It's hard for a Punk band to get shows and tours. Much harder than any Rock or Pop one lemme tell you. Expecially stuck in my Belle Province. Very few Punkies around.


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I got into playing too late to harbor any aspirations.  I started drums when I was about 20, bass when I was about 23 and guitar when I was 27.  I was the rhythm guitarist in an alternative/hard rock/metal band, and we played a lot of original music, but for me it was just going through the motions.  I'd be happy just playing in a bar or cover band.  I have written my own stuff but I've never felt the urge to try and do anything with it.


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You're just like this buddy. lol



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Funny thing is, I do play a little harmonica.  And a little violin (well, here in the Appalachians we call it a "fiddle" lol ) and I used to own a Pan flute.  I tend not to mention them when talk of music comes up because 1) I only play very little of each, and 2) because I just don't have the energy to defend being called a nerd. lol

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I've been in Hardcore bands from the ages of 18-21....didn't make any money...got into enough trouble to know that a full time musician gig wasn't for me...so I've stuck to making music for myself and for close friends.  I could do the bar circuit but every time I play a cover show, I feel like I'm playing it safe.  these past two years, I've gotten together with friends for two different projects.

one is an all acoustic, multi-instrumental project that I chime in and track lead guitar and bass over...the other is my personal project of heavy Rock-blues-grunge..whathaveyou...we eaqually write our own stuff and play together...that's my main band..I know we could gig...but we haven't yet..hopefully soon.


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That's what I miss like mad. Being on the stage. But with what I do now it's absolutely impossible to perform live. Most of it is Computer made shit so I couldn't do that live. Well I could but it'd be way too complicated really.

And there's too few Punks in here to start a band. I made some flyers a few years back and I got only one call so there, I better forget it.


I loved being wasted onstage. And looks like I wasn't the only one. lol



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Too true.


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Hahahahaha Damn right, damn freaking right!!! X)=*


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Good morning people!!!

A very nice saturday to you all. Another cool movie night on TV. YAY!!! big_smile

Speaking of movies, a very happy birthday to the crazy and great Takashi Miike.



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No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally he doesn't know it.

Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is such an amazing book.


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I had one helluva lazy day.
Went to work and did a half ass job.
Got home and bf was at his friends house for a jam.
Took a nap and did pretty much nothing.
Good times.


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Wow,just looked at the commute I used to do when I first started working at Disney World for 2 months (not there any more) an hour and a half each way 190.6 miles a day for 5 days a week.
Left the Tampa are about 8pm got into work about 9:30 pm and left at about 8:00am the next morning.


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That's a really long ride but I was doing 216 Kms everyday to get down here to work. Well not here exactly but a city 1/2 an hour from here.

Didn't watch Indy Jones, saw this one way too many times. Instead I watched the great Nascar race. A true blast.

Man I love cars. big_smile


Now how can anybody Evil like me not like something like this huh??? lol

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Hahahaha Yeah man,,,


Oh man I'm sad. One of the first and most respected Skateboard mag is dead. Goodbye Skateboarder and thanks for the marvellous photos and articles you've given us during the years. Always sad to see a great magazine go away. Luckily Trasher's still hanging out.
http://xgames.espn.go.com/article/95865 … ublication


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Well a very good SINday to you all friends. Have a great one full of good stuff and fun. smile

Now what better way to start that SINful day than this: