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Who else here is into this series? Personally, it's very hit and miss with me, but the RE games that I like, I like a lot. My second favorite is the REmake for the Gamecube, as it was the first horror game I ever played, and is also one of the scariest. RE5 is pretty good too, save for a couple of stupid, unnecessary boss fights that were thrown in simply to make the game longer (bat caterpillar thing, the El Gigante ripoff, bat caterpillar thing round two, and the giant, mutant spider that crawls up onto your platform some time in chapter five).

My favorite is definitely RE4. I don't know what it is about the game, but it's so much fun. Even though this game marked the transition into an action based horror series, it still had its tense moments, as well as moments that felt like 'classic' Resident Evil. Traversing the village at night, the fight against the village chief, certain rooms and areas of the castle, the Verdugo fight, and the section where you first encounter regenerators come to mind.  Also, I'm one of those weirdos who prefers the plaga/parasite stuff over the T virus and the zombies of the earlier games. Regenerators and bladed, tentacle appendages coming out of people's heads are way scarier than zombies.

Though I can't deny that RE4 has some bad things, such as Leon's one liners, Ashley, and Salazar, the least intimidating villain in the series. He's almost as ludicrous as Wesker is. If I were Leon I would have punted that little fucker off the roof of his own castle.

RE2 and RE0 were okay, but I don't have a burning desire to play them again, and I've never played 3 or Code Veronica, so I can't comment on them.

Any other RE fans here?

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I'm a big fan of RE 4. As I wrote in the "Introduce Yourself" thread, my friend and I used to play it quite a bit and beat the game like ten times (or some quantity similar to that). Getting the ultimate rocket launcher was a blast (pun unintended)! Though it did make the game much too easy after having receiving it. I also remember Krauser being an incredibly difficult villain to defeat, much more so than Salazar (which was a bit of a minor let-down).

Haven't played RE 5, but I hear good things. I've also played Code Veronica and Outbreak, but could never get into them.

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Yeah, I loved the first four games.  Part 5 was enh.  Didn't bother with part 6.  As for the movies, I agree, VERY hit and miss.  IMO the best of the batch so far is Part 3 (Extinction) but that's not saying much.  Love me some Milla Jovovich but those flicks are all style, no substance.  Especially the last one.  There's so much slow motion in it that if you played all the slo-mo at regular speed, you might have a 45 minute long movie. 

Here's to hoping that the next one goes back to the zombie basics, like the game series is reportedly doing.


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Yeah I love the games I have played them since I was 10 and I love the first 4 and Code Veronica, 5 goes too far off course and seems to drag on but is not that bad, and 6 was just mediocre I probably would not play it again.

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I'm actually playing through 4 again at the moment. Krauser isn't that hard to defeat as long as you use the knife on him. It's the knife fight cutscene with him that will still get me killed at least three times during each play through, because my reflexes simply aren't quick enough. I don't know why, but the game seems to give you less time to react to the quick time events in that scene.

Resident Evil 6....I tried to like it, but I just couldn't. In fact, I rage quitted it. The specific part I'm referring to is the section where Leon and Helena are on a plane, then get attacked by this fat pear shaped thing that looks like its covered in boobs. I pumped every single bullet I had into that bastard, but it just wouldn't die, so eventually I became enraged to the point of detesting the game. The controls kind of suck too.

I didn't try Chris' campaign or Jake's campaign because I'm terrible at shooters.