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Apologies if you guys have a single thread for these requests... I couldn't find one when I searched.

I'm looking for a horror movie seemingly loosely based on the Matamoros Murders and Adolfo Constanzo. Here's the thing: it's NOT Borderland.

The movie I saw was on TV around 2001-2002, 5 years before Borderland was released, and took bigger liberties with the source material. I remember the movie looking contemporary at the time. It was about a young American couple, who are abducted by a man and woman in Mexico traveling among villages and performing cannibalistic rituals. The American couple develop Stockholm syndrome and become sexually involved with their captors.

I specifically remember a scene where the male kidnapper is alone with one of the two Americans, showing him or her pages of some tome and explaining that his rituals draw from old native traditions. I don't recall any well-known actors in it but I'm inclined to say, based on the explicitness of scenes, that it was not originally a made-for-TV movie.

The other thing is that it was shot more like a drama than a horror movie. There were no scares or jumps, just the shock of the ritual ans sex scenes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Nah, we start a new thread for each "what is this movie" question.  Keeps it organized. 

Looking around, I found one "maybe".

Rituales de Sangre: The True Story Behind the Matamoros Cult Killings (IMDB lnk)

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This does sound familiar to me.  I remember in the movie there being something about a group of college kids crossing the border for Texas Week and one of the kids goes missing, yes?  Damn, I know I know this.  This is gonna bother me the rest of the day now. lol