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Grown Ups

Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

The Mortal Instruments.

Not the most horrible movie I've seen, but could have been much better.


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Going to see it tomorrow...


Freaking KICK ASS. Oh Isla Fisher... I ♥ you.


Freaking BADASS. Ah Emma Stone... I ♥ you.

Yeah I dig redheads. big_smile

Incredibly fun 2 films. A true blast.


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A blind girl is attacked by dudes that escaped from the jail. Mae Whitman is just SPECTACULAR. She an actress I appreciate very much, saw her in a couple of things...
Very pleasant one to spend the afternoon watching. smile


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PRIVATE BENJAMIN [1980] rewatch

Damn this is just a freaking HILARIOUS flick. Goldie Hawn that I really LOOOVE is incredibly wonderful and way too funny. Even after seeing it many, many, many times, it's still as funny as the first time I saw it when I was a kid. Yup. good one to spend the after-noon watching. big_smile


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Crazy. Stupid. Love.


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Tommy- There are only a handful of good rock operas out there, and Tommy is one of them.

I had completely forgotten Jack Nicholson was in it.


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Jersey Girl (2004).  This flick gets a lot of flack -- almost entirely because it stars Ben Affleck and, briefly, Jennifer Lopez.  But it's actually very funny and touching, with excellent performances (especially Raquel Castro as the titular girl -- speaking of whom, she was a contestant on The Voice a couple years ago, now in her teens). 

Kevin Smith's most mainstream movie and, in my opinion, one of his very best, along with Clerks and Chasing Amy.

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Seven Psychopaths.

It was alright, but not as funny as I thought it would be.


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ALFIE [2004] rewatch

Damn I just freaking looove Jude Law, this dude is amazing in everything he does. And expecially in this crazy funny as mad one. Just hilarious and his character is truely awesome. Fun one to wake up to. smile


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HIGH NOON [1952] rewatch

Starting now and it's an amazing Western classic really. H3LL, how could it not, Gary Cooper AND the LOVELY Grace Kelly. Such a great one, never get tired of rewatching it. smile


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Oblivion (2013)
Plot was OK, but too drawn out.  Could have easily chopped 20 minutes off.  Acting was blah; dialogue was crap.  Even Freeman didn't have much to work with.  Action was decent.


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Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) - Funny as hell. Always liked this one.


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^^^ Love that flick.  Justin Long steals every scene he's in.

Just finished As Good as it Gets (1997) for, I don't know...the hundredth time or so?  Not sure, lost count a long time ago.  Anyway, Jack Nicholson plays the biggest asshole in Manhattan, a bigoted, OCD-suffering recluse who ends up falling in love with a waitress and having to take care of his gay neighbor.  Funny as hell but sweet, too.  As much as I love horror and exploitation, I have just as big a weak spot for a good romantic comedy and this is one of my favorites.


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LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL [1997] rewatch

Now this marvel is one of my ALL TIMES favorite movies EVER. Begnini is just way too perfect it's rad. Hilarious, extremely touching and with fantastic imagery. Damn it is sooo good. The ending man, the freaking insanely great ending... A true masterpiece this is. Awesome from beginning to end. And the kid is truely amazing. A true blast everytime I rewatch it. smile



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27 DRESSES [2008] rewatch

I'm a real sucker for romantic comedies and I'm loving this one. I've always digged Katherine Heigl but I love this one because Malin Ackerman is in. Damn girl is badassly cute it's mad. A very fun story and cool characters. smile


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The Wedding Singer.  Along with Grown Ups, it's pretty much the only Adam Sandler movie I like.


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The World's End.  Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright tackled the zombie genre with Shaun of the Dead, cop thrillers with Hot Fuzz and now alien invasion flicks with this one.  Kind of hit or miss, really; some good laughs here and there but overall it's nowhere near as good as the other two flicks.  But at least Nick Frost gets to play a bad-ass this time instead of a bumbling clutz.  6/10


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Michael Caine and Demi Moore in a very nice put one about a big company and it's business. Man I'm loving Caine's character in this. And Demi well she's freaking DEMI MOORE damn. lol


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Now You See Me:

Been waiting for this to come to dvd. Great cast, looked fun, but wasn't going to pay theater price.

Movie started out with a bang by introducing the characters and getting straight to the plot.  Before I knew it the movie was about over, Which told me; I was enjoying myself.  Never a dull moment from start to finish. 



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What a cool and very touching film that is. Shows how much a guy will do to realize his dreams. Thornton is great as is the amazing Virginia Madsen that I've always enjoyed a whole lot. Yup a very cool one to start this saturday movie day. big_smile


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TOOTH FAIRY [2010] rewatch

Man The Rock is incredibly funny in this. lol
I'm ROTFLMFAO like mad now.
And surprising how good The Rock gets it great in a comedy. We don't see him often in these but he freaking knows how it works, he's excellent.

The Rock ROCKS!!! big_smile

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KILL BILL Vol. 1 [2003] rewatch for like the billionth time.

Definitely my favorite Tarentino film with Death Proof. Uma is just insane as Black Mamba. Man, the crazy fight with the 80s crew is wild, so damn wild as mad. Another scene I love is her fight with Oren Hi Shi, the water thingy clicking and all with the snow, WOW!!!

Man this guy knows how to tell a story. Excellent. Man, Tarentino to me is just GOD!!! lol


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Once upon a time in the West:

I was searching through Netflix late last night when I spotted it. What caught my attention was Charles Bronson being in it. ten minutes into the movie, I knew it was going to be good. And I wasn't disappointed.

I can't believe I've never watched this movie. How it escaped me all these years in unbeknownst to me?? A true spaghetti western, with a good soundtrack,  and a great cast.


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Oh, man, I LOVE Once Upon a Time in the West.  Leone was like an Italian Kubrick; his direction was always so cinematic and involving.  I love the long stretches of silence in that flick, the lingering close-ups of Bronson and Fonda, etc.  Such an awesome movie.  And dammit, I sold my DVD to Panda a while back.  I'm going to have to DL it now and watch it again.