Topic: Vine (Best video site ever)

Has anyone here ever heard of the site Vine? Theirs some pretty hilarious shit on there, and their videos are addicting. I just can't watch one. Also, post funny Vine videos too in this thread.

Re: Vine (Best video site ever)

I had the app on my phone for about 2 weeks and removed it. It was funny at first, but really, it's just a bunch of idiots who THINK they're funny, and a small handful of people who actually are.

I ended up just watching the Cat vids in the end.

Re: Vine (Best video site ever)

has anyone checked out Everything Is Terrible?  it's all found videos, mostly taken from VHS.  Lots of bizzarre and hilarious stuff on there.

Re: Vine (Best video site ever)

I hate Instagram, working very poorly on a computer guess you need a cellphone for it to work good. So it acts up with Vine too. As for funny videos, I'm addicted to Funny or Die which is HILARIOUS...

And I'll check that Everything Is Terrible thing JackBurton, never heard of it...