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Oh I'm sooooo looking forward to this. Can't to see my marvellous and extremely GORGEOUS Emma and that Garfield dude that totally blew my mind playing dear Peter in the first.

Hopefully they'll show a sex scene with Emma naked in this one. MWAHAHAHA lol

But wonder where it's gonna lead us.

And that's a very cool interview with the new Osborn guy, Dehaan. Nice. … ider-man-2

And ohhh Gwen Emma... DROOOOOOLAGE happens. big_smile

Re: The Amazing Spidey 2

Jamie Fox as Electro I think I'll skip this movie All I ever see when I see Jamie Fox on screen is hisc haracter from In Living Color Wanda.

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Re: The Amazing Spidey 2

I'm interested in seeing Paul Giamatti as Rhino, and it looks like they finally gave Spidey a proper suit instead of the slap-dash racing stripes thing in the first TASM.  Those two things aside, I'm not all that psyched, as the last flick didn't impress me all that much.

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Nah, I'm burned out on Spidey films.