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The Movies-


  • azathoth

  • Creature

  • FloridaPossum

  • LoudLon

  • Panda (Mr. Black)

After the movies kXnPunk joined us to chat.

August 80s podcast site.

Possum didn't join in until Society, so the four man-like people tackled The Brain.  There was much mullet action, as well as some improper sodium handling (there was even a large warning at the beginning of the credits saying "Don't play with real sodium!").  Evil scientist uses giant evil brain to control people for some person that is never really explained.  On the other hand, hallucinations of topless women, so there is that.  It's an OK movie, suitable for riffing.

Society is an odd one.  Billy Warlock (say it with me- "Waaarrrrrlooocckkkk!") plays a high school student who doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the school and town.  Strange things happen, secrets are revealed, and one guy is turned inside-out by pulling his head out of his butt.  Quite impressive, more so after Possum asked, "What the hell is going on?"  Good question.  Bunch of oddball characters and a nude Playboy bunny made for an interesting and not unpleasant viewing.

At this point it was about 2AM and we never did get around to watching another film.  We did spend ≈2.5 hours talking about horror films, though.  Apparently Punk was delighted to listen to our "funny voices."  Possum's hamster-muskrat-dogs spent the time growling, snoring, and snorting at us.

Thanks to everyone that made it last night.

Next up-  HFest '13.

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Yeah was a very damn cool first REAL experience with a HM Skype night, Pam's pets were a blast to listen to. So was Vampy. smile

And LoudLon and you well, was very nice to FINALLY hear your cool [and funny] voices. Looks like you slept as it's now up, you said you'd get some sleep so I figure you did. Maybe I'm wrong though. I'm not haunting your place now, I'm haunting Rosie gorgeous Jones HOOOT's one now.


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Yeah, that was fun.  I'd been looking forward to an HM horror night for a while, they usually turn out to be entertaining and last night was no exception.  And hey, look -- HM's loading for me now!

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...and his momma cried

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Well that sucked.
Was hoping to catch one of the later ones at home on my iPad.
But bf told me before I left last night, that the space that was being used for the wedding today needed to be cleaned by 10am.
So I had to be in for 6am.
Instead of waking up at 7am like I wanted, had to be up at 5am.
The plans I had for sticking around til midnight to catch a movie with you guys went out the window.

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How is your schedule tonight? 
Checking to see if anyone wants to check out a movie or 2 billyunnnsssss & billlyuunnnsss.

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Sure! As long as i don't fall asleep early tongue
I have tomorrow off. Probably my only day off in a while smile
Though it'll have to be iPad friendly. hmm

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If it wasn't for that insanely stuffing BBQ I'd get in but I really need a damn nap. Stuffed myself until nothing else could get in. I'm ultra full and exhausted. Mom RULES!!! big_smile

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Anyone interested, I'm on with Golem right now.

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Sorry I couldn't stay up to watch the film's. I was planning to come back and watch some films   but I was too tired by midnight.

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What about one this saturday 7/09/13??? Anyone up for it???

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We call those "impromptu nights."  Back when HQ, Crispy, & Panda were still active, they happened almost every other night.

Go to the "Skype Hello" thread and announce your intentions- i.e. movie(s) (or movie type) & general time (make sure you specify which time zone your basis is) you plan on watching.

For example-
Let's say 8-9PM US Eastern time we put on [ for example, Carpenter's The Thing.]  While we do that, we can discuss what movies to put into HFest 2013.  (If you show up to discuss movie selection, you get a whole lot more weight than just listing a movie on the 'HFest Ideas' thread.)

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Ah that's cool. I'll do that tonight... Early enough so that people can prepare. smile
Cool, cool, cool...

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I'm working  sad