Topic: My farts smell like fresh pineapples

So I was having dinner at my friends house along with his parents when suddenly I feel very heavy and stuff, with the need to fart.
I try to hold it for a while, but then I just say "Fuck it, the parents went to the kitchen to get dessert  so whatever..." and unleash my load.

I try to cross my legs so the smell doesnt comes out that much but eventually I uncross them, thinking its gone. Guess what, it wasnt gone at all, and it brought a weird smell...

It smelled like fresh pineapples! Those that you open up a can and you just feel that awesome fresh smell...
My friend Kyle who was sitting next to me started asking "Why does it smells like pineapples here?". I told him I farted and told him to sniff the air closer to me. He shat himself laughing whenever I farted and sniffed the scent to fresh pineapples...

Uncrossing my legs was like opening a can of pineapples... What the hell is wrong with me?

I left the dinner table, always with a pineapple scent behind, and as soon his parents got near me, they confirmed it... I was a pineapple...

How did this happen exactly?! Why are my farts smelling like pineapples? sad

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Re: My farts smell like fresh pineapples

Mwahaha man, that's weird.
Did you eat any pineapples before???
If not I have no explanation.
But you're lucky, mine smell well, they smell like shit. lol

Re: My farts smell like fresh pineapples

Mind = blown

Re: My farts smell like fresh pineapples lol