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I've not heard anything about an AoD 2, but I'm totally down for a Sam and Jesse spin-off.  I just finished watching the series finale (it even brought a tear to my eye at one point).  I foresaw two possible endings to the series...

SPOILER (left click and drag below if you want the series finale ruined for you):
1. Michael ends up killing off all the bad guys, redeeming himself in the eyes of the CIA and getting his life back -- but he doesn't go back to the CIA.  He realizes that the best work he's ever done has been helping the needy around Miami, so instead he goes back to being a good guy for hire and we, his fans, rest comfortably knowing he's still out there, fighting the good fight.

2. He and the others would end up having to fake their deaths and go into hiding for the rest of their lives, but at least they'd still be alive and could put everything behind them.

They went with #2 (for the most part).  And while that was my least preferred of the two possible endings I foresaw, at least the characters are still alive (save for one) and there's the hope that they'll all meet back up one day.


Anyway, I'm sad to see the show go but I do think they ended it at the right time.  I think they'd put Michael through every ringer they could over the last seven seasons, and one more season would have seen the show grasping at straws, just keeping it around for the sake of the fans.  It ran for just enough seasons as required to complete the character's journey.  One more season would have been too much, and one season less would have been too little.


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Thank you for the spoiler alert, I haven't go to the end yet.

Bruce did a good job in his Sam movie, so I could see a "Sam and Jesse do A-Team" type show.  As for AoD2, UHM has nothing on it, so it's probably just some rumor.  But hey, they did manage to make a new ED, so who knows?


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I had read a story about the director or the guy who is responsible for the new evil dead doing a cross-over movie between the two franchises but then the guy said I didn't mean it but we're working on a army of darkness 2 movie for all the fans of bruse cambell.

Go to bruce's twitter page he has a pic of his new project that you might find interesting.

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Yeah saw that earlier, cool...

Damn Lego rules... Very nice one. First time seeing it but certainly NOT the last. big_smile

Reminds me to play my 2 Lego Star Wars games now. H3LL yeah I love and always did LEGOs. Normal, grew up playing with these so...


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Spent most of the day watching the first season of Under the Dome to lead up to Monday's season finale.


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Oh NOW THAT'S an insanely cool one. Love it too. smile

But not as cool as the new POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new Yellow and Pink girls are freaking HOT!!! big_smile
Love that they kept the oldie's effects. Sweet. Very.



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Big Bang Theory


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Well this one was truely WILD... I love the "other dimensions and magic" in this show...

One that is finally back which I missed is BONES with the Angel dude. Love it...

And now it's the best family EVER, THE SIMPSONS.
NO DON'T mention the stupid crappy family guy please, this just SUCKS BAD!!! I hate that shit...


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MADDIGAN'S QUEST is just amazing. Happens in Fantasia so you know what you're in for. Kids are awesome. So are the adults. Very bad plastic like special effects but with the story and how it's shot you let it pass and finally enjoy them. lol

They're a traveling circus. Fighting to survive in a post Apocalyptic world.

http://www.dalemccready.com/cinematogra … ans-quest/



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The latest episode of Breaking Bad.  This second half of the final season has been emotionally exhausting and tonight was the absolute worst so far.  Not "worst" as in "bad episode" (no such thing with this show) but as in "the most devastating episode so far."

Broke my fucking heart.


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This last episode was super intense.  I felt like I was going to throw up and cry at the same time while watching it.  I can't wait to see how it's going to end.


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What an amazing TV night on global really.

I'm loving this show it's just fantastic.


Man incredible. Extremely well done and with great acting. Loved the idea to make the hero come back years after, makes for funny moments like when the cops make him do a lie detector thing and he sees the TVs and asks what the H3LL is that. Same with the flashlight.
Some stuff like the headless dude and the horse remind me a lot of the Burton's one but this is a really different thing. I'll be watching every damn one of them.


I won't spoil anything for LoudLon that I know enjoys it but just gonna say it's a freaking cool season finale. Insanely cool one that is.

Yup a very cool TV monday. big_smile


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Yeah, last night's Under the Dome was good.  I really dig Barbie, man.  That dude's a bad-ass.  Took out two guys, both bigger than him, with both hands cuffed behind his back.  And Dean Norris keeps getting better as Big Jim.  I've always liked that guy, glad to see he's getting bigger roles (probably most likely thanks to the exposure from Breaking Bad).

So.  I finally started watching True Blood.  I've watched season 1-3 so far and am a few episodes into season 4.  I seriously dislike the character of Tara; whiny pain in the ass.  But the guy who plays Bill Compton's pretty good, and Anna Paquin is certainly engaging as Sookie Stackhouse.  But so far, the few episodes into season four I've seen have been underwhelming, and the show seems at this point to be losing the quirky, rock-a-billy appeal of the first couple seasons.  But now that I'm this far into it, I'll stick with it and hope it gets better.


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Yeah it was a great one yesterday, he's really badass indeed.

As for True Fucking Blooooooood, Sookie owns.
Wait til you see season 5, I truely dig it. smile


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Last of the summer wine.


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Quebec's version of CHEAT!
I'm loving the one animating it, Guy Jodoin, he's such an HILARIOUS dude and a great actor.


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Son of Anarchy this show isn't as good as it use to be I'm dropping it. I hope American Horror Story is good. Wasn't a fan of season two..........the first half was good but the second part wasn't thought out well.


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There's absolutely no doubt possible. THIS IS THE FUNNIEST SHOW ON TV EVER!!! big_smile

And Kaley, man, KALEY!!!! Woooo!!!


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Monsters vs. Aliens:mutant pumpkins from outerspace.

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Crazy small cars race today, he always have the craziest games this guy. smile

Always enjoyed this dude. And lots of awesome Punk bands come to his show which is very cool.
Distillers were there a few years ago. H3LL yes!!!


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Cool western series with great characters and story.

Not a fan but this one was pretty cool.


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Can't believe a show that boring dates from the 70s. Insane.
But yeah I admit I watched it earlier.
But that's only because the fucking hottie Sharon Case is in it. lol


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Boardwalk Empire


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Spent the last two days watching Deadwood.  Never saw it before.  I'm a couple episodes into season 3 now.  Very talky show, not a whole lot of action.  Very well-acted though, especially the two leads, Tim Olyphant and Ian McShane.  But I'm mostly enjoying it for the huge number of exceptional character actors who pop up.