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Based on Edgar Allan Poe's  short story, The Cask of Amontillado.

The Casque is set in 17th century Italy, and tells the story of Montressor, a young nobleman, and his wealthy friend Fortunato, whos antics and misbehaviour drives Montressor to his breaking point, and plots to rid of his wild friend once and for all.

Filming begins on October 16, 2013 on location in London.

*Big Names* attached.  Bill Nighy, Timothy Dalton and Daniel Bernhardt.

Go to for complete project details.

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I am just going to post this. 
I'll let Howdy or Punk do the honors.

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This isn't spam. We have raised £2.98 million in the last year for this film. Sold everything including our houses to get these and others attached.  I was only trying to tell you guys because I love your site. We only need £25,000 to reach our budget goal, and with only one week to do so...I was hoping you guys could help by doing some promotion. I am looking for strong partnerships for future projects. I can prove everything that I claim. I bet my blood and soul on it. We have Dreamworks distribution.

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Here's the thing Stef, we are inundated with one shot posters who link to their project and vanish. If you want to promote your project the best way is to submit the information to
As you had the decency to at least stick around, if only to defend your post, I'll let this one slide.

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Thank you. Much respect.