Topic: Kingdom Hearts Franchise announces 3 new games!

Kingdom Hearts is a great franchise for Playstation.  it is done by Square Enix who also does Final Fantasy.  It is a roleplaying gmae that mixes Disney characters and lands, with some final fantasy characters with an all original storyline.

When I first played the original Kingdom Hearts I didnt think I would enjoy it.  I thought the Disney involvement would makeit to "kiddy" but I really loved the first, and the second one was twice as great.  It has a really dark storyline and is a lot of fun.  And Chain of Memories was even pretty good, which was released on GameBoy Advanced.  All have great stories, interesting characters, and unique gameplay.

With that said, at the Tokyo Game Show they announced 3 new sequels/prequels, none of which are for Ps2/PS3.  There is one for Nintendo DS, one for PSP, and one for mobile phones.  All will be brand new storylines.  One is a prequel and the otehrs link the other two games together.  Here is a full article on it:

I am sure a KH3 for PS3 will be out but not for some time.  The two secret endings from Part 2 and Part 2 Final Mix make it look as if part 3 will be absolutely nuts!