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Oh yeah, truely gotta rewatch it. Fantastic one... Thanks for the reminder. smile

Rewatched ANTICHRIST a few days back and I don't know how to classify it really. Like most of what this dude does really. Von Trier is insane. But it truely has all the Horror elements in it.

The one where she digs a hole in his ankle and sticks a big knife sharpener's rock into it is BRUTAL... Poor Dafoe. lol

But the most beautiful scene for me is the one where Charlotte Gainsbourg's character lays in the field and the herbs all cover her slowly. Truely amazing with the great soundtrack playing. A true masterpiece of foreign cinema.

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Re: Good Foreign Horror

i agree
AntiChrist is a great piece of film making esp the opening scenes
not really a fan of Von Trier but this film is excellent
horrifying, erotic, surreal, nightmarish

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Surreal indeed. That's why I love Von Triers so much. In all his films the atmosphere is just simply wild. smile

He seems to have a thing for Charlotte, she plays in a LOOOT of his stuff. And I have nothing against that, Serge's daughter is so talented...

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