Topic: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 6

I have what I hope to be a pretty fun match-up this week, featuring two tough-as-nails and highly versatile butt-stompers with equal penchants for leather jackets and whooping zombie ass.  Katie bar the door as...

P.S. -- Posting your answer in the discussion is great, but DON'T FORGET TO VOTE IN THE POLL!

P.P.S. -- I just noticed I put Tallahassee's credentials in the wrong order.  Eh...

Before voting, please remember THE RULES:

1. Vote objectively for who you think is deadlier.  This is not a popularity contest.

2. Please be sure to comment below to explain why you came to your decision.  Those who do so, your votes will count as FIVE POINTS

Those who do not, or those whose explanations are in regards to the character's popularity rather than an objective comparing of the characters' abilities (see rule #1), your vote will only count as ONE POINT.

3. Voting will be open for seven days, at which time I'll post the results.

Have fun, and vote responsibly. smile

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 6

This is an easy one, El Wray is just too badass.  I kind of object to giving Tally the Ability of "Bad-Ass Zombie Killer."  I would only go with, "Scrapes by". 

El Ray says, "OK, I now kill everything."  (And Rose McGowan.  What, even Vampy thought that was cool.)

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 6

Y'know, both last year and this year I juggled the idea of using Cherry Darling, but when it came right down to it, I simply have no way of justifying how she can fire her leg gun without having to pull the trigger. lol

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 6

But Bruce Willis transforming into a zombie thing is reasonable?

(Yeah, I'm just fooling around.  Willis has more hair.  My bad.  sad )

I think just looking at that picture made me some kind of Mad Max freaky thing.

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Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 6

I don't remember Planet Terror that well, but I do remember El Wray being a badass. So I'll give my vote to him. Not to say Talahasse wasn't badass, but he was more of mortal human badass.

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 6

I'm going with the underdog on this one. Tallahassee is smart enough to know he can't beat E lWray, mano- a - mano. I think Tallahassee would trick, El Wray into a trap he set, or simply distract him. Then shoot him long distance.

Winner: Tallahassee

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 6

Voting is over.  We're a vote shy for Tallahassee in the poll (one of you two guys forgot!) but that's okay.  I guess.  Even though I actually wrote in the OP to not forget to vote.  Knuckleheads.


El Wray
Justified Votes: 2 x 5 pts each = 10 pts
Non-Justified Votes: 0
Total pts: 10

Justified Votes: 1 x 5 pts = 5 pts
Non-Justified Votes: 0
Total pts: 5

Winner: EL WRAY

Thanks to those of you who participated.  Can't believe we're only six weeks in and are already down to only three participants.  Why did I bother doing a season 2?  I don't know, but I must be a glutton for punishment because Round 7 will be up shortly. tongue

Re: DHMW Season 2, ROUND 6

We're a vote shy for Tallahassee in the poll (one of you two guys forgot!)

Wasn't me, this time.