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Kitty Pride is an awesome character, and Ellen Page was great in that role. I also dig Hard Candy, haven't seen JUNO though.

Just finished watching Akira again. This is such a mind bender of a movie and such a visual treat. My favourite anime, and one of my all time favourite movies.


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SEE IT NOW!!! lol
It's an incredibly funny comedy. And it's Michael Cera doing the boyfriend of Ellen. Oh and Jennifer Garner is in it too. A fantastic one. On my top list of comedies.

And oh yes man, Akira rules!!! Not my favorite, it's Ghost In The Shell but still on my top list. ^_^

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LoudLon wrote:

This is The End (2013).  Seth Rogen and several of his stoner movie pals in a movie about Seth Rogen and several of his stoner movie pals, trying to survive the Apocalypse.  All the actors play fictionalized versions of themselves.  The first ten minutes I was like, "Eh, yet another Rogen stoner movie. "  Then out of the blue it got REALLY funny. 

For about five minutes. 

Then it went back to being a Rogen stoner movie.  Some admittedly well-executed FX aside, I found this one to be only sporadically funny at best.  But I'm sure fans of such Generation Y actors as Rogen, Jonah Hill and others of their ilk will probably enjoy it.

Just finished watching this one myself. I usually enjoy anything Seth Rogen does, but to me this one felt really hit or miss. Loved the decapitation scene though LOL

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Olympus Has Fallen

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Secret Window (2004) - 5/10

I finished up Stephen King's novella, "Secret Window, Secret Garden" just today and thought I'd pop in the film adaption for some good ol' compare-and-contrast action (something I haven't done in quite a long time). I try to keep in mind that film and writing are both different mediums of storytelling, and that the film is rarely what one has in mind after first reading the book, but man, this simply could have been a much better film.

My biggest complaint about Secret Window is that it was just too light. As soon as I read the PG-13 label on the back of the DVD I had a few doubts. Johnny Depp would have been great if the character adapted in the screenplay had been more serious, but he cracks too many jokes for any real tension to stick. John Turturro, don't get me wrong, is a really cool actor and I like him, but being cast as the role for John Shooter? Big mistake in my opinion. Shooter is supposed to be menacing, intense, and scary. Turturro projected very little of any of these qualities in his performance. The big psychological twist three-fourths of the way through the film was littered with light humor - also a big mistake. And the ending? I love it when films deviate from the book and come up with something original that's just as good as the book. But that didn't happen here either, sadly. The ending was silly.

Having said that, I did actually enjoy most of the film. But only because it made me laugh, and there were a few scenes which deviated from the book that I liked. Other then that...pass.


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The Stand


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.


A very cool romantic comedy with Butler that kills like always and the utterly sexy Katherine Heigl, damn this chick is way too hot. A very fun story lemme tell you, was a cool wH3LLcome back home film. big_smile

Now it's:

WANTED [2008] rewatch for like the million time, it's on my TOP movie EVER list. big_smile

Freeman, McAvoy and the badass Angie in a movie that kicks so much damn freaking ass that I bought 3 versions of the DVD, theatrical, Directir's cut and 2 discs special edition.

ANNNNNNNGGGGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!! Excellent character development really. The healer dude kicks fucking ass. And what a story totally killer. Great special effects and man, the ending. Woah the ending...

Great the stuff about the codes in the curtains like things or whatever you call that shit in english.

Yup, back home and it feels good. lol

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BLADE RUNNER [2008] rewatch for I don't have enough braincells to count the times I did. Yeah I know, I got a LOT missing but there's still a wild crazy bunch and they still aren't enough to count. Yeah THAT MUCH!!! lol

Second Sci-Fi movie I saw after Star Wars. Stucked in brain forever and ever...
What a truely amazing masterpiece. Everything is great, HanFord Solo is damn cool as Deckard and Haeur as Roy is just MAGNIFICIENT. The story man, oh the story. Daryl as Pris and the way too gorgeous Rachael replicant, dream like.

The visuals man, the freaking INSANE visuals. But the most amazing of it to me is the sound track. When Deckard fights Pris, the wind and various weird sounds are a freaking BLAST!!!

Theis movie JUST ROCKS!!! Period. big_smile


I didn't know I could play piano...

But damn she's good at it, her song is extraordinary...


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No idea why but HM double posted this... Guess Home Evil Home was drunk. lol

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LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN [2006] rewatch

What a fantastic crime story. And with Willis, Hartnett, Freeman and Kingsley, it just CAN'T be bad.
Oh gotta mention that Lucy Liu is in this too. Love this girl. Extremely surprising script that never stops putting you in the wrong direction from beginning to end. A wonderful one truely.


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DR. DOLITTLE [1998] rewatch

I'm an animal lover.

And this is the perfect comedy for me. Murphy is freaking hilarious in this.
Yup a totally enjoyable flick. smile


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I just watched L.A. Confidential. It was a really good movie. The story was a bit predictable, but it was interesting to watch it unfold, and to see the little intricacies of the plot. The character dynamics were great too, I especially like Guy Pearce and Kevin Spacey, they made a great team.


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

Yeah they are both insanely great in this one. Glad you liked it. smile


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

As I said before, L.A. Confidential is one of my all-time favorite movies.  The first time my kid's mom saw it she said Bud White and I had a lot in common. lol


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MWahahaha Now that's cool. big_smile

Munich [2005] rewatch

Man another one from mister masterpiece maker LORD or GOD Spielberg.
As crazy mad as everything he does but this story is definitely more deep than everything I've seen from him. And that's a very good thing. Bana, Craig Bond and the french Kassovitz dude hold their character's very unique way of doing marvelously. Top notch visuals too.

Extremely touching at times, when Avner talks to his baby girl and she talks to him over the phone and he starts crying then takes the sweetest of voices to say, I'm your dad and this is the sound of my voice, never forget it... Awwwwww fucking H3LL man. It's truely devastating.

What amazes me in it too is that how freaking technicaly accurate everything is. When the dude describes the stuff the grenades are made off. damn perfect. big_smile

Imagery is fantastic. Oh yes, Steven know his lens and lightning like no others you can be sure of that.

Yup. masterpiece of "modern" war flick.

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Hitchcock (re-watch, 9/10)

Fantastic film. Anthony Perkins delivers a near-perfect portrayal of Alfred Hitchcock.


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Perkins??? Never heard of him. lol


His wife steals the freaking show. They needed Mme Mirren to go head to head with super strong Hopkins and she does a crazy job at it.
And they needed Scarlett to put some flashing like lightning light into this DARK movie.

A wonderful story of a dream coming true. Touching one at that. smile

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kXnPunk wrote:

Perkins??? Never heard of him. lol

Ah, shit. Wrong Anthony! lol

But yes, the whole cast is really solid. Scarlett was a perfect pick for Janet Leigh, and Helen Mirren was very good too.


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.


Re: Last Mainstream movie you watched.

How was Mud?

Last watched:

part of the first Harry Potter


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It was amazing, I thought I might be disappointed after the hype but no it was really well done.


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NATURAL CITY [2003] rewatch

One of the best SC-Fi flicks ever made truely. Excellent story, phenomenal visuals and great acting all the way.

A special forces against killer Androids agent falls in love with an out dated Android girl that is about to shut off forever. A mad scientist finds a way to give her more life and they find a girl that has the perfect DNA model for it. So the agent bring her home... Fun to see how she reacts with the Robot Girl...

Man the fight scene are just sooo amazing it's great.

Great Korean film truely a freaking BLAST!!!

That's what I mean with phenomenal visuals. smile


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I just re-saw Prometheus on my new 70 INCH SCREEN. This movie is way better when you see it the second time. Now I just need a kick @ss surround sound system. Any suggestions ?


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Finally saw Scarface the whole way through. I'd seen it in parts before. It is a long ponderou movie. Tony Montana iis a completely unsympathetic Character, purely driven by greed and power. I do like that they kept the sort of odd semi incestuous relationship in the original, and the finale probably even tops it's predecessor. It reminds me of epic poems of the past. Very much a movie of it's time. It says a lot about that era, as well as influencing many people ofr better or worse.


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What a great classic this is, should rewatch it, been too long...