Topic: Encore performance 9/1/13? (SAY YES OR GET MONKEY POOPED!)

I got a lot of feedback of people that were sad sad that they missed last night's Movie Night.

Anyone feel like popping off a few more movies tonight (Sunday) since tomorrow is a holiday?  Punk didn't get to watch his film, and there were some nice suggestions for a future watch that we could do tonight.

Short notice, but get back to me if you want to do an Impromptu Movie Night thing.  Every TV show I watch is repeats, no sports, so I would love to watch a few more movies with my most favorite non-Vampy people.

It would be about 4 to 6 hours from now- 8PM-10PM US Eastern time, and z§-Punk PM/AM US/Canadian/Mooon?/Uranus time.

By the way, I am actually serious about doing an Encore Night.

Re: Encore performance 9/1/13? (SAY YES OR GET MONKEY POOPED!)

I said NO just because I am A REBEL. tongue
But I'll probably be around if you tell me what flicks in advance, If not self monkey pooped yourself. Mwahahaha lol

And I support the seriousness of Encoring it 199%.
So whaddya say??? smile

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