Topic: Feel Good Horror Hallowe'en Movie List?

Hi there.

I could use some suggestions for my annual hallowe'en horror movie marathon. There's plenty I still haven't seen.

Is there a good thread someone could link me too? Or is there a new list coming out on the main site.

What's a Feel Good Horror Movie? Not sure I can explain it. But I think its a movie that chills you to the bone so good that you walk away from it feeling good to be alive. Or shocks you badly too. So that I guess you're glad you're still in one piece. Or it's goofy fun. Or it's an OMG we're all gonna die.

It's got to have a good story and you walk away not so... disturbed.

Some examples?

chill example - The Innkeepers
shock example - Zombie's Hallowe'en remake
goofy example - the Frighteners
OMG example - Pontypool


Re: Feel Good Horror Hallowe'en Movie List?

Yes, check out BASSI's 40 movies for Halloween or something thread here: … 91#p673291

But I truely recommend Trick 'r Treat [2007]. Feel good and for the times too.
AND Dead Hookes In A Trunk [2009] by the Twiswed Twins, the Soska sisters. NOT. smile

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Re: Feel Good Horror Hallowe'en Movie List?

Black Sabbath is a perfect film for Halloween me thinks.

Re: Feel Good Horror Hallowe'en Movie List?

Thanks guys! I'm gonna take a look.