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Gary Brandner, author of The Howling and it's many sequels, passed away recently of complications due to cancer of the esophagus. I haven't read his works yet, but I always thought the Howling was a shining example of what a werewolf movie can be. May he rest in peace.

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Another one, GREAT one bites the dust. So long good sir and thanks. May you Rest In Pieces and continue your wonderful Mayhem on the other side.
People will remember you for as long as film exists.

My thoughts and wishes of luck and courage to his family and friends.

Another sad/bad news. Come on Grim Reaper, THAT'S LIKE FREAKING ENOUGH, there's a stucked up line at the door alright, would you care to wait a bit to let them pass please.

Gonna come with Grimnarkrunschlak, yeah THE Balrog if you don't stop your mad kick now, fucker...

I hate losing people but hey yeah, THAT'S life. You live, then you die and move on...

Sad. sad

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Re: RIP Gary Brandner

A sad loss. sad

Re: RIP Gary Brandner

RIP to another true talent gone too soon sad