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Been hearing really good things about this movie. I remember reading the short story back in grade school and was wondering why no one had made a modern feature length adaptation about it (as much as I like the Simpsons episode, doesn't really count).

I found the trailer on youtube and also on the movie's website: The trailer looks pretty creepy and I'm a huge fan of Stephen Lang so I'll definitely be seeing this one.

Just wanted to bring it to everyone's attention!

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Hey mandymcway,

I've heard great things about this movie too! Like the cast a lot (love Corbin Bleu) and I've always loved the short story. Thanks for the link!

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You dipshits, you think I can't figure out a 2-fer driveby spam?

You get one shot at trying to prove you are not a driveby spam couple.  Then I'll let the SharkMaster & El Capitano take care of you.

Though guys, give me a heads-up so I can unleash Boxlee the Fresh.

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Agreed.  Drive-by spam, plus a buddy to back it up.  Link's there for anyone interested but I'm closing it to discussion.