Topic: Halloween Decorations 2013!

As we all know, most of our favorite holiday is coming up!!!

Post your decorations here! I look forward to seeing some great stuff!

Here's a few of ours:



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Nice idea for a thread, Z. I, of course, love Halloween decorations. I am in charge of decorating my family's house starting this October 1st (I tried to convince them that I should decorate it earlier, but that was a no-flier), so I presently don't have my decorations up for picture-taking. But I did snap a shot of a few that I picked up at a Goodwill store, which I believe I may have already posted in the 'Pictures' thread, but here goes:
Featured: Light up Jack O' Lantern that sits in one's window sill, some basic Halloween lights, and near the bottom of the frame, one of the Jack O' light reflectors I picked up (figure I'll place those at the end of the driveway). I especially like the light-up pumpkin due to the fact that it looks pretty old, almost retro. Not featured is a light-up, plastic skeleton.

I'll have some better things to post once I get my main stuff out.

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Go here:

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I'll put my decorations up this weekend