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Take a self-guided tour of a mysterious maze created by the sociopathic bone creatures. Skeletons rattle, acid bubbles, and a surgeon scavenges for blood. As you tour, the story of a girl undergoing an occult initiation unfolds. The bone creatures attempt to subdue and control the girl, but the blood creatures arrive—painted in gore—to drive them back and draw the girl into their frenzied blood ritual. Who will win the battle between bone and blood? Your initiation awaits. Will you live to tell the tale? … ror-house/


The Horror House scheduled to be open 8 to 10 p.m. on Oct. 11, 12, 18, 19, 25 and 26.

Performances are set to take place at at Odd Act’s Warehouse Theater, 200 Whitehead Road, Hamilton.

Tickets are $10; they can be purchased online, by phone at (609) 577-1384 or at the door.

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Nice but why the H3LL don't you post elsewhere and get into our community instead of posting this never to be seen again like most of stuff like yours do huh???

Not gonna report it yet but will if you never come back. tongue

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This project was my first experience in the world of horror (I'm a composer and have never created a soundscape before this one). I hopefully will be able to start getting involved in the community. However, this is a brand new project started in a relatively culture-less town and it needs help. I thought I'd reach out to those who'd be most interested. You've outright ASSUMED that I will never come back here, but honestly, I wouldn't have even done this project if I wasn't interested in creating great art that will also scare the shit out of people smile

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Yeah, but we have A HUGE BUNCH of people that do that so...

But glad you come back and enjoy the MADhouse, place we all call home sweet home.

And good luck with your stuff... smile

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Welcome BloodRite. 

No offense, but with a first post like yours, at this point we have a RIGHT to assume you won't be back.  smile  That's what we see.  Actually, those posts usually get removed too, and you saved that from happening (most likely) by posting again.  Not too much to ask really.

However, lets not quibble.  We're glad to have you here, and this site supports its members that are into horror creations. 

Good luck and keep us posted!  smile