Topic: Be a movie picker

Stop by tonight (maybe after 10-11PM) or tomorrow (Sunday 13th, 2013, check back for time(s)) for some more interaction on Skype.  You can have a choice in what films are played for HFest.

After tonight (if I'm awake) and tomorrow, only next weekend is left for picking films.  If no one shows up, then I pick all the films, except for my former admins (Lon, HQ, Crispy, Panda, etc.)

Speaking of which- I can't stay awake for 104 hours, so I need some folks to admin while I'm sleeping.  Basically it's just making sure everyone starts on time (with the bonus you get to do the "countdown."  Apparently, it's a thing for the gals(?).")

So I would like some feedback on who will show up, who wants to do stuff, who wants to pick movies, who wants to whatever whatever I forgot.

The sooner the better- the monkey is having a rough time right now.