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Apparently this is from the guy who did Paranormal Activity. Trailer looks pretty good:

Hopefully it brings the goods.

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This looks interesting.  Out on DVD next month.

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when? do you know the date

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I think this Tuesday, Oct 15.

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4 days ago...

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Really?  Amazon still has it as a advance order.  Wonder if it would be different in our two Countries? 

I'll probably do and amazon rent for a few bucks, and then regret it as it will probably be bad.  If I could just be more like Punk and like every movie ever made...well, except for potentially the best one ever.  smile

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Best or worst??? Whatever, it's still at the top of each side. lol

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Ghostseeker wrote:

I'll probably do and amazon rent for a few bucks, and then regret it as it will probably be bad.

Well, Rented it and thought it was pretty bad.  It was fairly entertaining, but incredibly predictable.  Also, the acting was horrendous and unbelievable.  I try not to be this negative, but it was one of those movies where I actually get mad when thinking about it.

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It doesn't happen often to me but I have absolutely no interest in this one.
I'll see it and probably like it lol but just not now. Got too many things that I know I'll dig before this one. smile

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I bought it and it's just wasted potential. I was guessing everything before it actually happened, and apart from that, it suffers from stupid clichés and characters which is annoying.

Overall, I'd give it a:


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Scavenger of Human Sorrow wrote:

I bought it and it's just wasted potential.

Yes!  For me, it was a handful of things that could have been changed to make it good...that's what is so annoying.  However, the problems I had with it are enough that I can't get over them and enjoy it.

*** SPOILER ***

Like the scene where the dad shot the guy his daughter was dating (which also came out of nowhere and really had very little to do with the movie any way...which was weird).  He shoots the guy and then his daughter disappears with him, and there is no urgency to find her and make sure she's ok?

Then at the end, the female neighbor who's so committed to this Purge?  Its like she's brainwashed...almost like watching The Stepford Wives or something.  It was so weird it was dumb.


Those were just a couple examples.  I realize no one wants to discuss this movie, but I needed to vent a bit.

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I didn't have much in the way of expectation from this one and it's a good thing. Very predictable and by-the-numbers movie. Ethan Hawke phoning this one in