Topic: Halloween: The Many Faces of Michael Myers, Part 4

Continuing in this nine-part series we now come to the red-headed stepchild of the Michael Myers saga...

Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

The masks:

1. Nothing new here.  George Wilbur appears in the hero mask from part 4 during the opening flashback to (durh!) part 4.  But we've already covered that mask, so, moving on...

2. Rather than re-use the hero mask from Halloween 4, eccentric (and by many accounts, mentally deranged) director Dominique O'Thenin-Girard wanted something a bit more "angry" looking and had KNB FX construct a new one.  The mask was made from a lifecast of FX artist and current Walking Dead higher-up Greg Nicotero, with additional sculpting to bear more of a resemblance to The Shape actor Don Shanks, resulting in an exterior which features bits and pieces of both.  In a further effort to put his own personal stamp on the character, O'Thenin-Girard also had gray coloring added to the lips, and painted-on shading along the frown-lines, cheeks and neck.  Finally a new interior was molded to fit Shank's face, the neck was widened and a longer wig was attached.  Multiple copies of the finished mask were made so as to avoid the kind of glaring inconsistincies so noticeable in part 4, but...

3. ...while filming the climactic scene where Loomis pummels the chained Shape with a 4x4, Donald Pleasence inadvertently broke Shanks' nose.  As a result, the interior of the mask no longer perfectly conformed to the contour of Shanks' face, so an alteration was necessary and the mask's nose was thinned down.  But as you can see from the photo above, the alteration was minimal, and is hardly noticeable while watching the film.   

4. A Rondo Hatten-esque bruiser mask, intended to be worn by a character named Michael (no, not THAT Michael) to a Halloween party.  But when Michael (no, not THAT Michael) is killed courtesy of a three-pronged garden rake, The Shape takes the mask, steals Michael's (no, not THAT Michael) car, then drives over to pick up Michael's (NO, NOT THAT MICHAEL!) girlfriend.  Later the mask is ditched and Michael (yes, THAT Michael) once again dons the Nicotero/Shanks mask.

The actors:

Don Shanks (The Shape, Michael Myers)

Shanks, a veteran stunt man, worked his butt off during his single Halloween sting, portraying (and doing all the stunts for) The Shape, playing the maskless Michael Myers himself (something no other Shape actor had done at that point) and even appearing as the mysterious "Man in Black" seen sporadically throughout the film.  By all accounts one of the nicest fellows to have ever put on the mask, Shanks is still active in the film industry today, and happily attends his fair share of conventions as well. 

Others who wore the mask:

Matthew Walker

Walker, as the character Spitz, dons the mask as a prank and nearly gets himself shot by a couple bumbling cops in the process.  The only difference is that this is a stunt mask, a copy of the Shanks/Nicotero mask minus the interior Shanks-fitting mold (hence its elasticity in the scene).  As a side note, unlike many a young actor to have appeared in a Halloween film, Walker's subsequent career flourished.  Among his long list of credits are award-winning TV director, award-winning theater actor, co-designer of a Universal Studios theme and -- no kidding -- a clown college professor.  And that's just for starters.  I've heard of strong work ethics, but yeesh...

And that does it for part four.  Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for part five, coming soon. smile

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The "No, not THAT Michael" bit cracked me up pretty good whilst reading this. lol
As always, nicely done. These articles should serve a pretty awesome compilation of Halloween/Man-behind-the-mask trivia when they're completed.


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This was awesome just watched this yesterday, it makes the movies I love so much better Thanks Lon!

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Not bad for an old guy.

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Wait what Michael is it??? lol

Yeah great one again my friend, love your writing.

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Another good one! Looking forward to more!