Topic: Halloween: The Many Faces of Michael Myers, Part 9

Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 (2009)

This final entry in my nine-part series is also (thankfully -- for me, anyway) the shortest.  Only two masks, and two actors portraying Michael, appear in the film.  Firstly...

The masks:

1. Returning mask-creator and FX artist Wayne Toth designed this mask, which makes its only appearance during the film's opening dream sequence.  Like the "buried" mask from the previous film, the mask was created from a headcast of returning Shape actor Tyler Mane.  Considering it's supposed to be Lori's nightmare, it was sculpted to appear even darker, rattier and more menacing than in the previous film.  Ample doses of fake blood are coated on as the sequence progresses.

2. The "Hobo mask," so-called because of The Shape's decidedly skid row appearance, the primary mask which appears throughout the film.  Zombie's thought was that The Shape would have been surviving out in nature like a homeless person, and that the mask would have rotted and fallen apart from exposure to the elements.  Whatever the logic behind it, it has been declared hands-down by the majority of Halloween series fans to be the absolute worst mask in the series -- not because of the craftmanship (Wayne Toth indeed put a great deal of work into it) but because you see too much of Michael Myers' face behind it, robbing the character of his usual stark, blank menace.

The actors:

Young Michael

Appearing sporadically throughout the film during the developmentally challenged Shape's mother-fixated hallucinations, Chase Wright Vanek was brought in to play Young Michael Myers when Daeg Faerch, the previous film's Young Michael, was deemed to have grown too tall for the role in the interim.  I was able to find very little info about Vanek, other than that IMDB credits him with only two other films (one before H2 and one after), and apparently he appeared in a Honda commercial.  If anyone has any additional information about the cherub-faced young actor, please feel free to share.

Michael Myers/The Shape

No image necessary for this one.  Big ol' Tyler Mane (image included in part 8 of this series) returns to once again don the mask, though he does wipe out a larger percentage of Haddonfield's population this time around.  I can only imagine the job was easier for him in his second Shape outing, not because he'd played the character before and knew what to do, but because he only had to wear half of the mask!

And with that, we come to the end this nine-part series.  I hope you've all enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing them (though admittedly, having to re-watch certain installments was decidedly less fun than others).    As usual comments and/or corrections are welcome. smile

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Re: Halloween: The Many Faces of Michael Myers, Part 9

Great series Lon!  Thanks for taking time to do these.  I read them all and had no idea there was so much to all the masks.  Though, I'm going to be irritated when I watch part 4 (my favorite) and will now look for those glitches I otherwise wouldn't have known about.  smile

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All great articles, loved reading the series.

Re: Halloween: The Many Faces of Michael Myers, Part 9

Damn those were great man... Wooohooo!!!

I've slapped a few TT at you. big_smile

Re: Halloween: The Many Faces of Michael Myers, Part 9

Glad you liked 'em, P.  I'm thinking maybe next year I'll do a Friday the 13th: The Many Faces of Jason Voorhees series.  Though I'll be sure to get started on it much earlier than I did with this one, which I barely finished in time for Halloween. lol

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Oh I'll be on the look out for it for sure. If I don't die again this year. lol


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Thanks a lot Lon great work! Even though he wore a mask for a total of like 5 minutes in this entire film...because this movie is terrible!