Topic: Where are your Halloween threads?

I'm new. I've got coffee and I was ready to scroll. But then I couldn't find them. WHERE ARE YOUR PUMPKIN CARVING COSTUME WIELDING THREADS? Am I in the wrong place? I found two threads but they didn't really cover these topics.

I worked through Halloween as a pimp named slickback. I didn't have much going for me.  But my stop at the bar did introduce me to a couple in Dexter costumes. Male in full splatter gear with "knives". And the chick was nude but seran wrapped around her hips and again at her breast with a knife handle on her chest. Fake blood bleeding out. Now that was the best couple I have seen yet.

Halloween is still being celebrated this weekend, bar time. SO ITS NOT really OVER YET. I can still look at pumpkin pics.

Re: Where are your Halloween threads?

Happy Halloween is here: … 95#p678395

And the more populated 11 pages to be exact Halloween 2013!! is here: … 80#p678380