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Overtime, you'll see how I am a bit quirky. Little eccentric, maybe? tongue -blushes-
Have never had a chance to go through a supposedly authenic Haunted House....have any of you??
I have an unusual fantasy of wanting to reside in one someday in my life.
I love the spooky! big_smile The eerier, the better. The scarier, the better. BOO!!

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Back home in the Louisville area, yeah, went to haunted houses every Halloween.  Louisville has a bunch of awesome stuff like that on Halloween:

Danger Run
Zombie City
7th Street Haunt
Culbertson Mansion
Haunted Hotel
Baxter Avenue Morgue
Waverly Hills Sanitorium
Industrial Nightmare (I believe it's called Fear Factory now) - My personal favorite

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I live in one. Well actually it's not the place that is. It's me. Everywhere I've lived since about 14 when I've been thrown out of asshole dad and cool mom's place, I've been having unexplainable stuff happening to me.

But the only REAL Haunted place I've been to was in Portugal. A lady was murdered there, a big Villa kinda castle looking. Sleeping in a room with 6 friends and at the same damn time we all woke up and a white Ghost like lady dress in way old clothes walked though the room. And WE ALL SAW HER. Can't be collective hallucination really...

As for what happens to me with Entities, Demons and weird Paranormal stuff, it's all here and a bunch of us describe what happens to them.

Experiences with Ghosts, Spirits and other Entities... … p?id=30967

If you like Spooky stuff, you'll did this thred. big_smile

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Awesome list Lon!  Waverly Hills has been on my list for years.

Punk, you've had some cool experiences.

I've stayed at some pretty cool reportedly haunted locations.  Some of them well known.

Probably the most famous was The Stanley Hotel in Colorado.  This was the inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining (I probably don't need to write that here).  My wife and I stayed in room 217 (the Stephen King Room) and room 401, which is supposed to be one of the more active rooms. We had zero paranormal experiences.

I stayed the night in the Mansfield Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio.  Supposed to be a very active old prison.  Also the place where part of The Shawshank Redemption and Tango and Cash were filmed.  Some interesting things happened, but nothing really amazing.

Locally to Wisconsin, I visited some other popular haunts.  Went to Summerwind Mansion.  There was an episode of The Haunting TV Show about Summerwind.  This was really cool cuz it was so hard to find.  We had to use satellite maps, GPS coordinates and discreetly asking locals.  Took two trips and we finally found it.  Nothing happened but it was cool to be in such a historical place.

Also went to The Paulding Light. This is basically just a light that shows up in a rural area that some claim is odd and maybe paranormal.  However, 5023 people have claimed to of debunked it as well.

Spent the night in a reportedly haunted mansion.  Also visited many local reportedly haunted houses in the area. 

In all theses, nothing really significantly paranormal happened.  There was one odd experience in one of the houses that I cannot explain, but that was about it.  Still, I used to love visiting these places.  I find myself much more skeptical these days.

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Yeah indeed. But sounds like cool places.

And LoudLon, didn't see you post, we posted almost at the same time but WOW DA LIST!!! Cool.

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MWAHAHAHA That was a good one, the pun bot thing I said planet and it redirected to the post... lol