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Got one 1.18 liters bottle of Molson Dry 10% down, 3/4 of another one started.

And I feel fine. big_smile


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Cheers!!! big_smile


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you need some additional threads to follow this. welcome to the ruffee club -I'll sponsor it, AA, drunk tank, those who had to use craigslist afterwards can be joined with the morning after pill club, then lastly the hangover.

I met a man once from AA that was charged with assault in an unfortunate way. Here in the country we have wide expansive, isolated parking lots and the sky gets pitch dark at 5 pm. He was stumbling along to the sidewalk when a body grabbed him around the neck from behind. Drunk as he was he was still able to throw the body over him and then pummeled the shit out of his assailant.

Turned out to be his girlfriend giving him a hug. He was arrested and sentenced.

Don't drink and walk home. DRIVE, BITCHES. 

jk drivings bad.

whiskey is gross.


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What he says:




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^Great song, haven't listen to it for a while I have it on LP somewhere.


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Not been on this for really long time, that maybe good think lol, I am going hammed tonight, 

It's build up to Xmas, which is the best part of Xmas


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Drunkness should happen EVERYDAY. Like it does to me. lol

CHEERS buddy.

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This thread makes me feel at home tongue lol


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Even Monkeys like to get drunk. lol



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Hahahaha Man, that's an awesome one. lol

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Hey punk.... I'm back... I should never have left! but thats another story LOL
ha alls well in the heavenly darkness where I reside...


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that is all

(edit- besides turkey.  the dude loves turkey.)

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as do i


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Awww, hell no!  Damnit.

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Az is a turkey eating monky? holy shit times have a changed!


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Yep, that little guy
really likes his turkey.
So do I, but he's a bit psychopathic about it.  And don't even mention cranberry sauce...


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Ah damn the Ghost In The Machine starts to post again. No NOT you AngelToOthers...

And it's NEVER to early to drink. Cheers!!!

And NO THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. Too much is never enough. lol



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Ran across a nigty Firefox theme you may like, Punkster.
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefo … fly-paths/

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I'm running this one right now.  (The bright colors from the other bugs Vamps when she's trying to sleep.)
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefo … ly-forest/

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I never thought Ghost In The Machine had anything to do with me. Why mention that.
and ya its never too late Or too early to drink!


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Cool azathoth but I have this Julianne Hough one now https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefo … annehough/ and can't change it anymore, still use Firefox 2 at the moment so. But yours are way cool too. But yeah, no can do...
And on BADASS DEMON, I have a nice one for Chrome which will get back once I login on the new Beast. I dig that it keeps all data, favorites and add-ons where ever or on whatever you are.

AngelToOthers, I don't know how Drunken you are so I didn't know if you thought by Ghost I meant you heh. lol

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thats a good one buddy I hear ya man, thanks for the evil thought tho lol

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damn I wish you can have a sig here.... its like being reborn from the beginning into a weird family after getting run over by a train with my guts left splattered all over the field of some real old couple who die seeing the atrociousness of me death.