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Just sent you an email.  Images should start trickling in over the next two weeks.  Is there some place I can find some free spooky looking background template for the meantime?  My google-fu is weak today.

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Here: … p;k=creepy

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We filmed the trailer yesterday in a marathon session... 13.5 hours.  We got all the shots we need, and I think it all came out great.  Really the weakest parts will be me talking to the camera.  It's off to the editor to make it even better.

It wasn't without hiccups though.  The main shot that we needed to get was a stab scene with lots of blood.  If it didn't work, we'd have to reset and it'd take about an hour.  We only had enough shirts for three takes, but really only enough time for two.  First take failed, blood only blooped out.  Reset.  Then the second take failed.  The tubing came off the wound and sprayed blood everyone under her shirt.  The actress gave a real scream and I thought we blew up her somehow.  It'll make for a great behind the scenes moment, but I saw my whole newly started movie making career circling the drain.

My DP and his crew needed to drive back to LA that night, so they had to leave and we were way out of time.  Thankfully, they decided to stick around, so we had one more go.  It was really all or nothing.  I say action, I hear a spurt and see blood spray the end of the tub (much farther that it was supposed to go).  I think "oh shit" of course, but the actors don't miss a beat.  They keep going, and thank God they did.  The rest of the take was perfect.  When we get out and watch the monitor, it just so happens the actors block the camera's view right during the initial blowout, then everything else was golden.  I nearly had a freakin heart attack when I saw how good it looked.  I'm dying to see how it comes out of post.

One of the professional crew also said I was one of the best first time directors they'd worked with.  Turns out organization, decisiveness, and being pleasant are the biggest requirements for that honor.  It didn't matter that I didn't really know when to say action or cut.  Also, "DO IT!" works in place of "Action!".

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If anyone has time to check out the page and give some feedback, please do.  No trailer up yet, still in post and I'm starting to get nervous.

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Finishing the 4th one. I'll send that when I'm done, this weekend.
Would've been faster if it wasn't for this damn Internet and movie watching. lol

But don't be nervous. When you put all your heart and guts and ca$h into something it cannot do otherwise but please you. EVEN if it doesn't work like it should've. Gives you a bunch of XP points that'll be useful for the next stuff. big_smile

Best of luck again for all that buddy.
And keep up doing what I guess you like...

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Thanks kXn.  I'm no stranger to the time wasting power of the internet and movie watching. smile

As for my nerves about the trailer, I'd say it's 10% being worried that it'll suck and 90% being worried that it won't come in on time.  I've chatted with some of the people who run Kickstarter, and they say the best days to launch are Monday or Tuesday.  Campaigns that start later tend to miss out on significant early momentum over the weekend.  So instead of thinking I'm going to launch on Thursday of next week, I'm shooting for Tuesday, but I haven't even seen the rough cut yet!!  Maybe I should change my percentages to 1 and 99?

But one thing I'm worried about are the prize levels and costs.  Is $15 for a download of the movie too much?

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Yeah, better at the start of the week indeed. People aren't planning the weekend parties/reunions yet. And just put it up when it's ready. At least you got the page to put it up already on KS...

As for the 15$, damn for the FULL FLICK??? If so that's very good. I'd sure pay that good a price to have it in my movies folder... smile

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Well, it took too long to edit the trailer so we are delaying the launch until next year.  Better to wait until we're ready than launch too soon.

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Yeah exactly. Better take your time and really do good stuff than speed up and do something incomplete or not to your likings. smile

Another good luck to you.

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Congrats on taking the plunge into filmmaking.  I am interested in hearing how everything progresses.

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Hey ten31, I'll definitely keep everyone updated.  Speaking of which...

I'm now in the process of going back and forth with the editor.  Who knew it would take so long to get a decent found-footage look?  If we can get that nailed down, I think the rest of the trailer is finished.  I'll finally have something to show everyone.  Until then, I get to wait, wait, wait.

It is another lesson learned though:  Go with a local editor so you can drop by all the time to keep things moving along.

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Good luck! Running a kickstarter campaign is a lot of work. Your rough looks decent, and your rewards are good(and appropriately priced, which is important).

The trailer's gonna be the big selling point, so make sure it's good. Google search Running Successeful Kickstarter and you'll find some good links.

As for directing, THE most important thing you can do on your first movie is to get a good DP. He can cover for a lot of what you don't yet know--I was very lucky on my first flick "Hunting Humans" to have a DP who covered for me when I was screwing up, and kept an eye out on frame directions when my shooting script was less than detailed.

My fourth flick was found footage("Bounty"), and I would just say get the best actors you possibly can. They have to come across as genuine at all times, and I'm not sure it's a skillset a lot of fledgling actors have yet.

Be prepared before the shoot. Shooting script and shot list. Preparation is the #1 thing I see new directors fail at. They show up and just think they can "wing it". Your crew will hate you, and will talk about you behind your back if you do this.

Good luck!

PS: I can see why that other guy's post was cut off--only the first half of this was posted on my first try. I had to go back and copy/paste the rest of it afterward...

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Thanks for checking it out kevink.

I have good news.  The trailer is finally complete and the Kickstarter is live.  I think it's terrible because I'm in it.  I seriously cringe everytime I appear on screen.  I also see all the things I should have done differently as a director, but can't change those now.  Other people seem to think it's good though, so I'll focus on that!

Please everyone take a look and tell me what you think.

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Wow man, this is BADASS!!!
Loving the grainy shaky quality of some scenes, wild. And man, kickass Logo it is. Got it down so I'm gonna get back to the site design for sure. And NO YOU'RE NOT TERRIBLE, quite the oppsite. A very enjoyable little clip that is. Hopefully you'll have more pedges because 1000$ is a long way to your goal really. Shared it on FB and Twitter and Pinterest and Tumblr and Blogger and Google Plus and, and, and... lol

Yeah I'M ALL OVER the place.

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Thanks for the kind words and all the sharing, Punk!

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I setup a facebook page and have been posting one behind the scenes photo from the trailer each day.  You can check it out here:

I've also updated the Kickstarter page with a blooper video from the trailer shoot.  I think we had a little too much fun making the thing.  You can check that out here: … film/posts

Please check it out and share if you can.  We're currently at 14% ($8206 out of $57000) with 22 days left.  We need some help getting the word out!

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Badass page and I shared it all around.


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Looks good, man! It's a big goal to go for though on Kickstarter as a new director, but I wish you luck! Have you sent info to Horror Society? They're one of the few web sites that will spread the news on horror-related KS campaigns. You can check 'em out here and get their web site/contact info from here:

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Sure did!  Check it out here:

But yeah, our goal looks to be too high.  We needed it up there to have most everything done professionally.  We could go pretty cheap if we scaled all that stuff back.  If that's the case, we'll probably just skip Kickstarter.  That said, we did raise a decent chunk of cash... that we probably won't get our hands on.

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Hey everybody,

Posted an interview I did for Significance and Cinema to the Kickstarter page.  You can see me wax philosophical about zombies.  I hope I didn't say anything that zombie purists might consider offensive.

Check it out here: … sts/766933

We need a huge boost if we want to hit our goal.  Anyone have any rich uncles that really like zombie movies???