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After this post, feel free to post any stories/anecdotes you'd like.

I had a blast with the "insert 'Lepus' into movies name" bit.  I'm still proud of my Lepus Trek III: The Search for Lettuce.  I'm quite glad that Lon & I provided so much amusement for everyone, especially the 2nd The Video Dead showing.  Yay me- I didn't snore over anyone this year! big_smile  More Winterbeast and less Spider Baby at 2AM.  HM members are not morning people (see more on hours below).  I forgot how many times I re-sent the schedule out to people.  Next year I'm mailing them to you!  Finally, do not expose your spouse to Hausu, you will regret it. lol

[Quick note- Next Halloween is on a Friday, so I'm only going to get 28-32 movies in next year.]

Here are some stats and factoids about HF2013.
(edit- I fixed some numbers since Theli let me know that I have him 2 extra movies credit.  The %s don't really change, though.)

13 different people attended this year, with single movie attendance at 9 people.  I believe these are both HFest records!

There were 41 movies.

There were a total of 124.5 movie-watches ("movies") logged.  (I could have missed some people, let me know.)

If each movie was 2 hours long, that would be 249 movie-hours, or 1.5 movie-weeks.

Taking out Lon & Azzy's 51.5 movies, that leaves 73 movies for the other 11 people, meaning everyone else average nearly 7 movies each.  Take out the bottom 4 people (6.5 movies total) and the average is nearly 10 movies each!

Out of 41 movies, 9 were not watch by anyone.
7 of the 9 films were between 4AM - 10AM (others were 2PM "Dead Hate the Living" and 6PM "The Stangeness).  That's 7 spots out of 13, or 53% miss rate.

  • 4AM- 3/4 - 1 miss - 75%

  • 6AM- 1/3 - 2 miss - 33%

  • 8AM- 0/3 - 3 miss - 0%

  • 10AM- 2/3 - 1 miss - 66%

It seems that either I drop the 6 & 8AM films altogether, or stick in peoples' niche picks.

Midnight @ 2AM movies did well, with only 1 spot in 8 having less than 2 viewers.  ("The Giant Claw"  Go figure. lol )

Women had 22% of total films watched, 27.5 out of 124.5 total films watches.
Spouses counted for 2%, at 2.5/124.5. lol

Viewer Breakdown:

  • Animals (Azzy, Possum, Raven, Wolfy) counted for 55.5 movies, or 44% of all watches.

  • Creatures (Creature, Golem, Vampy) counted for 22 movies, or 17%.

  • Demons (Punk) counted for 10, or 8%.

  • The human-like folks made up the other 29%.

Movie Type Breakdown:

  • Slashers (the Halloweens, Blood Rage, Simon Says, Spirit Camp) had 27.5, tops at 22%

  • 'Nature Gone Wild' (Prophecy, Lepus, Boogens,) was quite popular, with 21 movie-watches, or 17%.

  • Zombies (Dead Pit, Video Dead, Dead Hate the Living, Plague of Zombies, Nightmare City, City of Living Dead, Dead Snow) counted for 20 watches, or 16%.

  • Aliens/outer space (Giant Claw, Xtro II, Alien, Event Horizon, Night of the Creeps) clocked in at 16 movies, or 13%.

  • Ghosts/demons (Hausu, Winterbeast, Evil Dead) had 13.5, for 11%.

  • Anthologies (Willies, Trick 'r Treat) had 5.5, or 4%.

  • Others (Spider Baby, Horror of Dracula, Cemetery Man, Gun Town) brought in 19.5, for 15%.

(Yes, I'm missing 2% due to rounding errors.)

Movie & People Matrix:

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Hahaha cool Monkey man boy Knight.

Teah, don't expose your wife to Hausu, don't remember what she said right after but I remember it was something like WTF??? Or was it when she saw the boobs in Spirit Camp??? lol

And yeah that change movie title and put Lupus in was a very nice fun time. Dead Lupus, Star Lupus, The Revenge Of The Lupus, Lupus Club, Night Of The Living Lupus and so on was a true fun blast.

Another time THANKS a lot for all that extremely cool time my friend. YOU RULE!!!

And BAM, 666 TTs to you for that. big_smile

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Azzy, did you sleep that weekend?? tongue

Re: HFest 2013 Recap


I had-
4 hours Thur-Friday
4 hours Friday-Sat
6 or 7 hours Sat- Sun
Went to sleep at around 7AM Monday morning.

So ~10AM Thursday to ~7AM Monday, about 14/15 hours out of 93.
About 16% of the time I slept.  Monkey is strong, monkey is wise, monkey just threw poo in your general direction (wha?  I never said he behaved or was couth.).

@Ravie- Oh shush!  Or no more (whatever ravens eat [smores?) for you!  lol

@Punk- And for hangin' with me on T 'r T and Spirit Camp, I double reverse the Bam! back at you for 1332 TTs.

Anyhoo, I'm going to hop on Skype to decompress.

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I watch at least one, usually 2-3 horror films a day anyway, so H-fest (or even movie nights) isn't about the movies for me, it's about cutting up with the other attendants and pouring out my movie trivia.  Because God knows there's no one here at home even remotely interested in how many films the cast and crew of Winterbeast have made since that film (the answer: 0, except for the guy who actually played the Winterbeast) or the fact that the red-head guy in Night of the Creeps was made to listen to the recording of a woman being murdered to achieve the right emotional reaction in a particular scene.  Jewels to movie night/H-fest attendants; useless nothings to everyone else. lol

Impressive breaking down of the 'fest, Azzie.  Looking forward to next year, and thanks from me as well to everyone who participated this year.  smile

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Lon, you're a good 40% of HFest with your esoteric knowledge.  I've heard people say it!  Not sure if they're real or just in my head, but damn I heard it.

Nah, man, you be my left/right/upside-down hand man on this.

And to spread the message, I created a new Skype convo now that HFest is over-
HM 11/05/2013

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It was fun, I'll be bock!

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I told my brother about our horror fest and named off some movies. I think he's got like 98% of them. Whenever I'd say a title, he would reply,

I clearly got cut off. I do remember typing it though...weird.

Anyways tongue
He would reply, "I have that upstairs"  (in his room)
He is a big fan of b-rated, cheesy horror.
He's got tons of VHS in his room.

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DAMN I GOTTA meet this dude someday. lol

Mwahahaha Ohhh sweet azathoth, hats off to you fot the TTs. big_smile

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MoonRaven wrote:

I told my brother about our horror fest and named off some movies. I think he's got like 98% of them. Whenever I'd say a title, he would reply....

Oh my god the monkeys, the monkeys, they're eating all my bananas and pooping on my walls!  eeeiiiiiieeeeiiiie!!!
Something like that?

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Something like that??? lol

Re: HFest 2013 Recap

I corrected myself.
You guys are a hoot.

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I actually wasn't there for Prophecy or The Boogens, though I think I popped in to say "hi". Man I gotta say I loved Video Dead, I only wish I had a copy on dvd so I could have chatted with you guys at the same time, just so damn ridiculous movie, I need to track it down. Same goes for Hausu, I think it was just Golem and I, and Azzy and Punk were popping in, but damn was that a weird and hilarious movie. Azzy and Lon had just watched Hausu and I couldn't find a copy to view at the time so I'm glad Golem showed up to watch it.

Overall it was just a fun time, thanks for everyone whom showed up.

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Thanks Theli, it was hard to tell sometimes because you'd just hang and listen.  Nothing wrong with that, I just wrote down peoples' names if I saw them.

edit- I changed the spreadsheet.

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Yeah Theli, that Hausu is such an insane blast. The Asian Horror fan I am definitely enjoy this one. And H3LL EVERYTHING from there really. lol

Re: HFest 2013 Recap

That is an awesome breakdown monkey man big_smile

Good job on planning it, wish I could have been there for more smile

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Well at least you were there for some of them My Queen.

Oh BTW, check the Sexiest thread, I've put a pict of your wife in Halloween costume in there. big_smile