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Man that movie sits on my top Horror DVD piles. As a matter of fact, it's on top of these said piles.

I truely LOOOoooOOOVE everything about this. First, casting the 2 amazingly beautiful to die for Amanda Seyfried AND the Foxy Sexy Megan. I don't think anybody could've played a damn EVIL Bitch as good as her, she was perfect for this role. And damn that lesbian scene between the 2... Woah.

The script is insanely wild. Ms. Diablo Cody is always BRILLIANT. She wrote le marvelous JUNO right after that. She rocks. Oh and she does an appearance in the Body too. a good 4 seconds. big_smile

I love this idea of BFF for ever and ever and the Blood sharing. Pays off really good at the end. And what a fucking INSANE ending, Bloodied corpse polaroids during the credits with a kick ass song playing. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing for a fan of Grunge Punk & Rock'N'Roll like me. Violet by Hole was fitting insanely well.

Oh and just DIIIG the cutting.

Favorite scenes = the following:

When Amanda's in the cell and smiles. Wonderful image...

Naked Fox swimming in the lake at dawn. Marvelous shots. Gorgeous even.
Of course hey, Naked Megan!!! lol

When she eats the dude in the forest and the thing with the animals, What an awesome effect!!! One of the best Demonic transformation I've seen. And Megan Topless. YAY!!! smile

When she say to Amanda "I'm not even a back door virgin, just made the cop back there." MWAHAHAHAHA Man...

When she barfs and smiles. The barfing effect is another FREAKING INSANE ONE!!!

I love their smiles in this movie. Amazing.

Like this one is the best for me. Oh yesss!!! EVIL!!!

The fight at the end when she gets stabbed by a pole.
She gets it out and says "You don't happen to have a Tampax right???" lol

She's got a beautiful dress.



When she eats the Punky dude behing a curtain, the lighting only done with the candles in the place is just beautiful...

No doubt possible... Wooohhhaaa!!!

Man Megan can truely play EVIL PERFECTLY!!! One of the most AWESOME shots in the history of cinema. To me that is. Don't give a BEEEEEEP if you don't agree. tongue

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I've never seen this, but I might get around to watching it someday.

Weather or not I'd like it is uncertain. I have virtually no opinion on Megan Fox whatsoever, but I must admit I'm not a huge fan of Diablo Cody's writing.

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I wasn't a big fan of it. It's alright if you want to pass time, but there is better films out there in my opinion.

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I'd spend YEARS watching only thatt. lol

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Huge fan of Jennifers Body. I know a lot of people hate it but I thought it was a lot of fun.

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I had no intention of ever watching it but it was on the tube a while back and I started watching. I have to say it was pretty entertaining. Definitely a fun flick to watch! I ended up picking it on bluray for like $4.

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I was also pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this movie. Two sexy women, some gore and some humour, all good things.

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That is a freaking insanely well done scene.

And her smile at the end. INSANELY EVIL!!! YAY!!! big_smile

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I own this movie so I'm not ashamed to say I like this That's as far as I'm willing go. It's an alright movie I've seen it like twice. It's at the bottom of my pile..........No it's not I'm anal about my stuff so it's in the J section. On a side-note on the top of my list is sorority row.

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I like Jennifer way much more than Sorority, that asian chick ANNOYED ME!!!

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I watched this, and it was alright. I probably would have liked it more if someone else had written the script. True, it's a horror comedy, but a lot of the dialogue was absurd stuff that nobody would say in real life.

Also, I was kind of let down by the ending. I was expecting an epic fight between Jennifer and Needy, but it was all over in about two minutes.

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I loved how it ends, we don't see what happens but the results during the credits are insanely badass. big_smile

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I get pissed off when people egotize perfectionate an elitist standard in movie reviews. Yeah, there are movies out there that are WORKS OF ART but not all things should be held to one standard of elitist perfection. This movie doesn't reveal the golden truths of a horror soul, whatever that crap means. It is horror in fluffy gooey gross youthfully FUN awesomeness. I thoroughly enjoyed the attractive ladies and all the lighthearted death.

I kind of put it in the same FUNJOY category as Drag me to Hell.

It's fun shit.

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I get pissed off when people egotize an elitist crap of a fucking way too boring and badly done movie like The Exorcist but yeah, my tastes are extremely weird, that's why Jennifer's Body fall into the best Horror flicks ever to me. Hahaha

But yeah FUNJOY category indeed which ALL Horror movies are to me. I really mean ALL. Evil Dead is the most FUN stuff I've seen in my life. But it's full of the golden truths of a Horror Soul whatever that crap me means.

Very interesting posts nonetheless the one with the most delicious nick EVER onlybacon. big_smile

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whoever came up with the poll needs to give a choice option for some middle ground. I don't think she is a great writer, by any stretch, but she isn't as bad as everyone who hops on the hater bandwagon says she is. I'm not sure of all the writing she has done but I liked juno and jennifers body and the evil dead remake.