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Yes, it's tomorrow in here. I don't know why you americans celebrate it in may. First armistice was the 11th of november in 1918. Well yes, the Civil War you had but still, the World Wars made more victims I'm sure... Crazy people you are. lol

But I want to tip my hat off to all those who fought hard to liberate us from that damn crazy insane Nazi menace that was upon us. My thoughts go to the ones that felt under the bullets during those 2 wars, R.I.P. brothers and THANK YOU for all you've done for our populations. You are HEROES to me.

I don't like war, never did but I admire all the soldiers that leave everything behind to defend us or some country under attack.


But how much more of these damn wars will it take to realize it's worthless uh??? roll

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Our Memorial Day is the last Monday of May, yes, and is the day we celebrate all the military men and women who died protecting our country.

Today, however -- Monday the 11th -- is Veteran's Day, the day we celebrate all the military veterans who are still with us.  Veteran's Day and Memorial Day are the only two national holidays I will not work on.  I don't mind working on Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or New Year, or Easter, or even my birthday.  But I will NEVER work on Veteran's Day or Memorial Day.  I respect my fellow soldiers too much to shrug off the days dedicated to them.

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HOW THE FUCK DARE YOU POST THAT CRAP IN A THREAD THAT PAYS HOMMAGE TO OUR DEAD AND VETERANS SOLDIERS FUCKHEAD??? I can't believe this truely. LoudLon, KILL THIS ONE with the most powerful weapon you've ever used please. Damnit really. No respect at all truely...


Ohhh didn't know that but it's very cool indeed.
And yes, very nice of you to do that, shows them a lot of respect which they truely deserve. smile

I had a neighbour back then which was a Veteran and the stories of combats he was telling me were entertaining me and frightening me at the same time... He was from WW2 and as been locked in a camp jail for some months. Truely admire all these guys.

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I would like to thank all the Vets for their sacrifice.  This includes my nephew who just got married.  He was a scout sniper for the Marines did two tours in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq.  And to thank his BFF Dakota Meyer who received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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Good thing I didn't see Hailey's post- I would have went beserk.  My grandpa flew over Germany in WWII, and my uncle spent time in Army.  I have a bunch of friend from one of my old jobs that were vets, and a bunch got called back to duty back around 2000 or so.  I've done tech support during field exercises with the Army.  And of course our own Lon.

The monkey horde truly and honestly salutes you all.

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How could I forget about Lon?  I think my brain is trying to protect itself.  Thank you Lon!

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Thank a VET today.


Thanks for the thread, PUNK.

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When I was in Ottawa a couple of weeks ago, me and the fella went to the Canadian War museum.
THe things I saw left me speechless and in awe.
Helmets soldiers wore with gashes in the head. Utensils used. Vehicles driven.
Can't remember how we got this, but this was Hitler's car.


10 gunshots went to the driver and passenger of this car. Plus another 40 or so everywhere else.

This was my fav part. Just goes to show how awesome we Canadians are wink

I took a bunch of pics. Things from old wars a recent ones.
It made me realize how extremely lucky I am to have the freedom to stand there that day looking at those things.

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Very nice shots miss Black Bird and yeah that's all because of the sacrifices they did to prevent tyrany to get over here so yes, I admire those fellows, yes, even LoudLon just to tell you how EVERY soldier is a true inspiration for me. big_smile

And you're welcome DarkMistress. smile

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